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Disney Drops Major Hint at an All-New Character Coming to Walt Disney World

Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel (left) and John Leguizamo

The most forbidden family member in Disney history is also the subject of a Grammy-winning song‚ÄĒand he might find a new home in Disney Parks, according to a recent Disney casting call. When 2021’s highest-grossing animated film, Encanto, swept through the theaters and houses of millions of Disney fans, they entered Madrigal Casita. With a shapeshifting Casita home to enchanted ...

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Bruno FINALLY Joins ‘Encanto’ Character Meet and Greets

bruno in encanto

We may not talk about Bruno when we’re in Colombia or the Madrigal Casita, but now Disney Guests will finally have the chance to meet the enigmatic and endearingly-hapless character in person! The animated movie¬†Encanto¬†was a huge hit when it premiered on Disney+ in 2021, partly due to its vibrantly-colorful scenery and partly due to its record-breaking soundtrack. The song ...

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Conflicted Mother Regrets Baby’s ‘Encanto’ Name

mirabel glares at bruno

Many Disney Fanatics find that, after watching a plethora of inspiring animated Disney movies and singing along to motivational Disney princess power ballads, they are inclined to keep some of that Disney magic in their life by naming their pets or children after Disney, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars¬†characters. Some Disney names are better than others for Disney fans’ babies ...

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‘Encanto’ Stars Get Back In Character for Hollywood Bowl Concert


Not every animated Disney movie has been a hit with audiences in the past few years — but the movie¬†Encanto, which takes place in Colombia and came to Disney+ for its premiere last Christmas, has certainly made an impression on many Disney fans (not to mention Lin-Manuel Miranda fans).¬† One of the biggest highlights of Encanto¬†was the soundtrack, followed closely ...

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Disney Excludes Bruno from ‘Encanto’ Special

bruno madrigal mirabel madrigal encanto

There is a very special new version of¬†Encanto¬†coming Disney fans’ way soon — but apparently, the black sheep Bruno is still not invited! Bruno Madrigal became a fan favorite after Disney fans saw his (and his Madrigal family members’) movie,¬†Encanto, on Disney+ last year.¬†This was in large part due to the runaway success of the song from the soundtrack about ...

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‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Becomes More Inclusive

encanto bruno asl

To some Disney Fanatics, the siren song of the¬†Encanto¬†soundtrack might feel like a far-off, distant memory. After all,¬†Encanto¬†came to viewers many months ago. However, the movie made quite an impression on audiences since its premiere — and mainly because of its notoriously-catchy and addicting song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. The misunderstood Uncle Bruno and his theme song might have ...

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Mother Gothel Blows Guests Away During Meet and Greet

Walt Disney World Guests might be mad about the disparity in Disney villain populations between Disney World and Disneyland, but the fact remains that Disneyland has just gotten several new Disney villains for its Oogie Boogie Bash — and one of them,¬†Tangled¬†villain Mother Gothel, has been really impressing visitors! Mother Gothel was originally played by award-winning Broadway icon Donna Murphy ...

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Disney World Guests Complain as Disneyland Receives Bonus Villains

oogie boogie bash villains

These days, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are finding a whole lot to complain about on their Disney vacations in Florida. Some Guests are complaining about roller coasters or rides that are in disrepair (including the soon-to-be-gone Splash Mountain), Disney’s increase in restrictions, and Disney’s involvement in Florida politics. Other Guests are actually the cause of complaints, whether they are ...

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Bruno Joins the Oogie Boogie Bash

bruno oogie boogie bash

The Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash is almost here, just in time for autumn’s arrival — and this year, one of the most-talked about new Disney characters from 2021 is going to be gracing Oogie Boogie Bash visitors with his presence! Bruno, the villain (of sorts) from¬†Encanto, is joining the Oogie Boogie Bash lineup! Bruno was the misunderstood villain from¬†Encanto, the ...

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These Are the Disney Pets We Wish We Owned


Throughout various works in Walt Disney Entertainment we’ve seen loyal, companionable demonstrations of love and mutual appreciation between various characters and their pets. Some relationships take on a more peer-to-peer dynamic of mutual respectability, like the bond we see between Pocahontas and her animal friends. Then there are situations in which animals are actually the caretakers of humans, as is ...

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