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10 Rides That Should Be On Your Disney Bucket List

Tower Of Terror

The Disney lexicon of rides and attractions are divided into many categories – dark rides, thrill rides, boat rides, water rides. You get the picture. Matters get complicated even further with height requirements, waiting times, and accounting for everyone’s tastes when it comes to rides. At the outset, I will warn readers that this list is highly subjective (I love ...

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When Money is No Object: 7 Things to Add to Your Bucket List

When Money Is No Object

Warning: Reading this article may be dangerous to your wallet. Here are some of my favorite WDW splurges. (Prices below are for 2014 and should be considered a starting point.) 7. Wanyama Safari at Animal Kingdom Lodge. You must be staying at AKL (and be age 8 or older) to participate. Up to 12 people ride in a special van ...

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10 Disney Restaurants That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Disney Dining Bucket List

I have a confession—I get more excited about eating at Walt Disney World than going on the rides. Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate the brilliantly unique theme park attractions but there is just something special about dining at one of their many restaurants. Because they are such sticklers for detail, each restaurant, whether at one of their ...

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