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Disney World Hints at Major Changes to Canada Pavilion

canada in epcot totem poles and water feature

Oh, Canada! Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of this not-so-far-removed country in the World Showcase within the EPCOT theme park at Walt Disney World Resort, then you might be out of luck soon. Disney has just filed a permit that suggests some big changes are coming to the Canada Pavilion! The EPCOT World Showcase is full of amazing representations of ...

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Solutions For When You Need a Mid-Day Rest at EPCOT

Goofy Relaxing Cover

EPCOT and Magic Kingdom Park tend to tie in favoritism with most Disney Park Guests. And for some, EPCOT even comes out ahead. That’s because it’s one of the most versatile Disney theme parks, with so much to see and do. It can turn into nonstop action and adventure, which can be both great and energy-draining, to say the least. ...

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The Plentiful Poutine Possibilities at Walt Disney World


Have you ever heard of poutine? Poutine is a dish historically known for being of distinct Canadian origin, poutine in its most traditional format comes as French fries served up with cheese curds and topped with brown gravy. But like all great cultural cuisine classics, many creative elaborations have since sprung up over the years, taking conventional poutine into a ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Drinking Your Way Around EPCOT’s World Showcase

La Cava del Tequila

What would you consider to be the absolute best beverage in the entire world? That may be a difficult question to answer, especially if you haven’t had the chance to travel far and wide across continents trying out every sort of libation there is along the way. But thankfully, there’s EPCOT’s World Showcase here to provide the cultured expertise you ...

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Want A Mountain Wedding? Disney Has The Perfect EPCOT Location For You

Canada Waterfall Disney

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married high in the verdant mountaintops of somewhere like Colorado or Banff, but your budget or travel restrictions have kept you from achieving that dream, then Disney Fairy Tale Weddings has the solution! The Canada portion of EPCOT apparently has a special venue option, which Disney Weddings shared on Instagram. The attached caption reads: ...

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Alberta Bound Returns to EPCOT’s Canada Pavilion for the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort!

We are thrilled to share the news that yet another musical act from EPCOT’s World Showcase will be returning to the park in time for the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort! The latest in EPCOT entertainment news is that Alberta Bound, the band who performs in the outdoor seating area in World Showcase’s Canada pavilion is now ...

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7 Things We Love About Le Cellier Steakhouse

Cellier Restaurant

Ah, Le Cellier. This Canadian steakhouse has long been a favorite among Disney epicureans. Rising above Epcot’s Canada pavilion, Le Cellier is situated steps away from the O Canada! theater. Diners can stroll a charming garden before entering the venue’s manorly walls. Sound tempting? Consider the following bullet points to see if Le Cellier deserves a spot on your own ...

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10 Things You’ll Love About the Canada Pavilion

Canada Epcot

The Canada pavilion at World Showcase in Epcot is often passed over by guests on their way to another pavilion, until it’s time for lunch or dinner. While there may not be much in the way of entertainment here, there are so many little details found here that you’re sure to love. 10. Canadian Lumberjacks This group performs on the ...

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A Tour of Epcot’s World Showcase, Part 1: Canada – 4 Things You Won’t Want To Miss

Canada - EPCOT's World Showcase

When I was a little girl, I always loved visiting Epcot’s World Showcase, because I felt like I was traveling the world, visiting so many exotic countries in the span of one afternoon. Now that I’m older, the World Showcase remains one of my favorite locations for (wining and) dining, shopping, and taking in wonderfully diverse entertainment acts. I also ...

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