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Is This Disney Take Worth Being Canceled Over?

unpopular disney opinions

Fans recently discussed their most “cancellable” and the hottest Disney takes they could think of, sharing and debating them online. Cancel culture has reared its (arguably ugly) head on more than one count when it comes to celebrities and online culture. The internet has not always been kind to some, choosing to “cancel” them over miscommunications and flippant (often innocent) ...

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Twenty-Year-Old Britney Spears Interview Has the Internet Wanting to Cancel Diane Sawyer

ABC Diane Sawyer canceled Britney Spears interview

It’s been nearly a decade since famed television anchor Diane Sawyer was an everyday regular on air. In 2015, Sawyer left ABC World News Tonight, ending a historic career that started in the late 1960s as a weather anchor in Louisville, Kentucky, and saw her become the first correspondent at 60 Minutes. But throughout her storied career, she made several enemies. ...

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“Boycott Disney” Trends as It Joins Target and Bud Light as a Canceled “Woke” Company

Disney Pride

Twitter seems to be pulling a reverse Uno card on canceling big corporations, and Disney is the next boycott subject. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was in full effect, a cultural division has emerged, seemingly splitting the country into two camps. While a shift to sensitivity characterized 2020, “cancel culture” came about, holding companies like Chick-fil-A accountable for supporting anti-LGBTQ+ lobbyists. ...

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Cancel Culture Sunk Pirates of the Caribbean Before It Came For Johnny Depp

The Origin of a Controversy Though it is now one of Disney’s most beloved attractions, the iconic Pirates of the Caribbean did not always look like the ride we know now. In its concept stages, The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was envisioned as a walk-through attraction with wax figures depicting scenes of Pirates wreaking havoc and causing mayhem. However, ...

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