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Disney Fears “Woke” Label, Reportedly Cuts LGBTQ+ Storyline from Latest Blockbuster

Captain marvel with a LGBTQ+ flag

The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios have reportedly stepped back and shoved a same-sex storyline from their latest blockbuster into the closet. Disney has been wrestling with anti-LGBTQ+ groups and conservatives over its alleged “woke” ideologies for several years at this point. The new controversy surrounding Disney and Marvel Studios has come from a reported decision to omit an ...

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Four Years Later, Marvel Retcons Brie Larson’s ‘Captain Marvel’

Brie Larson of Captain Marvel

Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel might be one of the biggest characters in the MCU, but Marvel Studios just made one really confusing retcon to the super hero. Related: MCU Icon Delays Hit Television Series ‘Yellowstone’ There was a time when Marvel wouldn’t dare have a female star lead an MCU movie. Even when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman (2017) was an instant success ...

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Disney World and Disneyland Will Suffer Because of ‘The Marvels’

The Marvels Flop and Disney Parks

The Marvels hits theaters this weekend and is expected to be a box office flop. According to Box Office Pro, the newest Marvel movie is predicted to have a three-day opening weekend forecast of $35-$49 million. Related: Disney Signals Plans to Remove IPs From Theme Parks To put that into perspective, the opening weekend of Avengers: Endgame in 2019 hit $1.2 ...

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Wait… ‘The Marvels’ Actually Looks Good, Fun!

The Marvels Movie

Am I losing my sense of smell, or is Marvel about to deliver another buddy comedy that is actually heartwarming and funny?   On Tuesday, April 11, Marvel Studios dropped a trailer for its upcoming film The Marvels, and to my shock, it looks like fans will finally get a good old-fashioned girl-power buddy comedy that relieves fans and those who enjoy ...

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Disney/MCU Oscar-Nominated Actor Feels ‘Cheated’ By His Pay and Work

Disney/MCU Actor Feels Cheated

Our natural inclination is to believe that every person we see in movies and on television must live a glamorous lifestyle filled with expensive homes and private jets. Especially veteran actors who the audience recognizes from several different projects. Those people must be well off, right? It turns out that the audience’s view of the fabulous lifestyle of a veteran ...

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“You Asked. They Listened.” Guest Complaints Trigger Changes to Disney Park Ride

Avengers Ride Disneyland Paris

Most of the time when a self-declared Disney fan complains about a ride at a Disney Theme Park, it is because they care. The opinions are vocalized–or typed–in the hopes of manifesting a needed change through Walt Disney Imagineering’s intervention. Most of the time, fans’ efforts appear to be in vain, but one Disney Parks insider reports that they have ...

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Marvel Stars Announce Unexpected Engagement and Pregnancy

zawe ashton tom hiddleston

With the arrival of so many new Marvel characters onscreen in theaters or on Disney+, it’s not surprising that Tom Hiddleston’s Norse character Loki has fallen a bit to the wayside. After all, characters like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and Valkyrie have become fan favorites as their shows (or most recent Thor movie) have been released — but the English ...

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Rumor: Disney Closing Brand New Marvel Ride After Guest Criticism

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Rumors are circulating that a brand new Marvel-themed roller coaster is closing after only being opened for a few weeks due to poor reception from Park Guests. Called Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, the “E-Ticket” attraction took up residence in the building that once held Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith at the Disneyland Paris Resort and opened to the public ...

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‘Ms. Marvel’ Creator Explains the Finale’s Shocking Reveal

ms marvel kamala khan iman vellani

Marvel Studios has been impressing audiences and Marvel fans recently with hits like the unconventional series Moon Knight and the blockbuster movie Thor: Love and Thunder, and now another new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has fans talking. Ms. Marvel just finished its first season, with a total of six episodes, and the season finale included a major reveal about the protagonist ...

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‘Ms. Marvel’ Newcomer Sends Intense Marvel Questionnaire to Kevin Feige

iman vellani kevin feige

Iman Vellani sent in a self-taped audition for the new Disney+ show Ms. Marvel on a whim — and now that the young Pakistani-Canadian Marvel fan who was previously about to embark on a quest for an integrated media college degree has unexpectedly switched to working onscreen for Marvel, she apparently has had a lot of questions for Marvel Studios president Kevin ...

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