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How Exactly is Disney Planning on Filling 13,000 Jobs?

Where will Disney find 13000 cast members?

You’ve probably noticed something about the surrounding area if you’ve left the Walt Disney World bubble in Orlando. It is in a perpetual state of construction. There are new shops, restaurants, hotels, and apartments/condos. And that doesn’t include the seemingly never-ending highway construction. Just stay away from I-4. At the Walt Disney Company’s earnings meeting this week, Disney CEO Bob ...

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As Layoffs Begin, A Disney Park Posts Record Revenues

Disney Park Post Record Revenue

The bloodletting has begun. In February, Disney CEO Bob Iger promised shareholders that there would be 7,000 layoffs coming to the Walt Disney Company. And just this week, Iger began delivering on his promise. The layoffs started by getting rid of some of the remainder ideas of former CEO Bob Chapek, including laying off the entire metaverse division. Most layoffs ...

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China Market is Softening on Iger and Disney

Congress to Interview Bob Iger

When Bob Iger returned as CEO, it was widely believed that his return would warm the relationship between Disney and China that had soured under his predecessor, former CEO Bob Chapek. A mere two days after Iger’s return, Disney’s Avatar: The Way of Water (2023) received permission from the Chinese government to be released in the Communist nation. Avatar even received ...

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Disney in Court Over Response to Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law

Disney in Court Over Response to 'Don't Say Gay' Law

Disney can’t seem to catch a break. Every move they make lately appears to be the wrong one, particularly those moves which led to the Mouse House losing control over the Reedy Creek Improvement District in a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature over Disney’s response to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act. While critics of the ...

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Disney Acknowledges “Labor Disputes” In Message to Shareholders

cast member union protesters and bob iger

The Walt Disney Company has just sent the 2023 Proxy Statement to Disney shareholders, and there have already been many takeaways from the document (including a controversial proposal and a surprising reveal about Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and his expensive fixation on personal security). In the 2023 Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and Proxy Statement that was ...

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Disney CEO Spends $830,000 on Personal Security Despite Company’s Financial Struggles

Bob Iger in his office

The Walt Disney Company has been experiencing a lot of ups and downs lately, so Disney stockholders are keeping a close eye on their investment — especially since plenty of Disney shareholders are also passionate Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort enthusiasts who visit the Disney Parks often and pay attention to the theme parks’ goings-on. The Walt Disney ...

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Bob Iger Promotes Cast Members’ “Greatest Champion”, Promising Better Treatment

protesting cast members and sonia coleman

Central Florida residents, Walt Disney Company stockholders, and Disney Fanatics are already familiar with the as-yet unsuccessful wage negotiations between the Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members’ union and their employer. Many Cast Members have shared their struggles with poverty on social media — and in protests — making it clear that they are struggling to afford basic necessities like ...

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Iger Continues In-House Shakeup With Major Staff Change

sonia coleman and bob iger smiling

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger is apparently not done with his ‘renovations’ inside the company! According to Deadline, Human Resources executive Sonia Coleman is being promoted to Senior EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer and her predecessor Paul Richardson “is leaving the company after more than 15 years” (whether or not Richardson’s exit was a layoff is unclear). Sonia Coleman ...

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