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Disney Seeks Talent for Iconic Pixar Character Roles Never Seen Before

Turning Red characters at Disneyland

Disneyland Resort in California has been absolutely smoking Walt Disney World in Florida regarding character experiences. After debuting Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s Judge Doom at this year’s Halloween Oogie Boogie Bash party, it now looks like the Anaheim theme park is trying to prove further it is the ultimate entertainment option in Disney parks. Disneyland Auditions Disneyland Resort put out ...

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Opening Date Set for New ‘Encanto’ Experience at Disney World

Disney World meet mirabel

Walt Disney Studios’ recent success with Encanto means that the company is reworking its offerings across the theme parks. The movie didn’t make waves at the box office, but it found a huge fandom following its release on the Disney+ streaming platform. With Academy Awards wins and chart-topping numbers, it’s no wonder Disney has pushed Encanto into the limelight of ...

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Disney Performers Embrace Non-Verbal Autistic Guest By the Dozen

autistic nonverbal guest with jasmine and loki

Ardent Disney Fanatics will already be aware that a large portion of the famous Disney magic comes from interactions with Disney character performers during Character Meet and Greets, or during impromptu on-the-go interactions with said performers (such as this absolutely adorable interaction between Ariel and a tiny French Flounder)! Being a Disney performer is certainly not easy, but the performers ...

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5 Reasons Why Meeting Characters on Disney Cruise Line is Better Than the Parks

characters Disney cruise

Let’s face it. Meeting your favorite characters at Walt Disney World is an exercise in patience. The experience is almost always worth it, but all too brief for the waiting time. The number of Guests that cycle through Magic Kingdom and other popular theme parks leaves little time for genuine interactions that stick with you for a lifetime. The moments ...

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Guest Uses Tinker Bell Meet and Greet to Break Restraining Order

tinkerbell shocked and a tinkerbell cast member

Character Meet and Greets can be magical (and sometimes, even life-saving) experiences for Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Even when the Walt Disney Company has faltered lately and Disney Park Cast Members have openly revealed some major downsides of the job, there are still plenty of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios Guests who love to meet their ...

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Guest Reveals Story Behind Life-Saving Disney Kiss

tinker bell looks on as tink character performer kisses disney guest

We have already seen several Disney Guests referencing Disney Parks’ ability to help with anxiety or depression — and one woman actually uprooted her life to live close to Walt Disney World Resort, for the sake of her mental health — but another story has recently come to light that further confirms this! In a conversation on Reddit about Disney ...

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Disney Guest Violates Restraining Order at Meet and Greet

Tinker Bell Meet and Greet

It seems that grownups continue to find ways to make magical Disney Park character experiences increasingly problematic, and I mean that beyond simply the not-so-unique variety of one-liners dished out by creepy dads while their little kids visit princesses. Tens of thousands of Guests visit a single Disney Theme Park each day, with lines to meet “face characters” like the ...

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Tigger Performer Goes “Off-Script” And Steals From Cast Member


The lovable tiger named Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood, is up to some antics in at least one Disney Park! While enjoying the offerings of Disneyland Paris recently, a Disney Guest (@mademoiselle_angelique) saw the character Tigger blatantly stealing a large quantity of balloons from a Cast Member who was selling them. Tigger then proceed to ...

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Only Reasons Why A Grown Man Should Do Disney Princess Meet and Greets

Disney Character Meet and Greets

Alright, it is time to be unapologetically honest for a minute about Character experiences at Disney Theme Parks. Whether they appear as “fur characters” (ie Mickey, Donald, Goofy), or “face characters” (i.e. Peter Pan, and the Disney Princesses), Disney Parks Character Performers provide a crucial part of Disney Magic in bringing everybody’s favorite Disney characters to life. Every parent knows ...

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What Could Replace This Iconic Disney World Attraction?

Little Mermaid Show Disney World

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is losing yet another one of its staple attractions that has been a part of the landscape since its opening. Over the past decade or so, die-hard fans of the once-called Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park have watched several of the old favorites disappear, including the Studio Backlot Tour, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, the Osbourne Family Spectacle ...

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