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Disney’s “Hug Rule” Is Easily One of the Best Things About the Parks

disney hug rule

Have you ever wondered why a character interaction always feels so special, no matter who you’re interacting with? This rule might be the answer! Going to a Disney Park is a special, once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s one of those unique chances to have that quintessential Disney experience that is so rarely found anywhere else in the world. While Disney theme park ...

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Why Can’t Some Disney Guests Keep Their Hands to Themselves?

Inappropriate Disney Guest behavior

We have all heard the horror stories of Disney princesses dealing with some overly-friendly fathers while performing, but did you know that moms could be just as guilty? Being a prime vacation destination, Walt Disney World in Florida sees many different Guests from all walks of life. While most of them are simply there to have a good time, Cast ...

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Minnie Mouse Wants Mickey to Commit Already!

Minnie Mouse frustrated

The burden of shouldering a century-long dating period has finally caused Minnie Mouse to snap. In a recent encounter at a Disney dining experience, the beloved character went on an epic interpretive rage over Mickey Mouse’s failure to commit. This social media video showing Minnie Mouse being frustrated is hilarious! Nine Decades of Dating Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are ...

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Disney Performers Embrace Non-Verbal Autistic Guest By the Dozen

autistic nonverbal guest with jasmine and loki

Ardent Disney Fanatics will already be aware that a large portion of the famous Disney magic comes from interactions with Disney character performers during Character Meet and Greets, or during impromptu on-the-go interactions with said performers (such as this absolutely adorable interaction between Ariel and a tiny French Flounder)! Being a Disney performer is certainly not easy, but the performers ...

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Ariel Meets Adorable “Flounder” in Disney Park

ariel hugging a girl dressed as flounder in a disney park and the animated ariel smiling

TikTok user @sianapalm recently took her daughter to Disneyland Paris on one specific “mission”: finding Ariel the little mermaid and Disney princess. This mission was in large part because the TikToker, a Disney enthusiast who resides near Disneyland Paris and is named Ana, had dressed her young daughter in an adorable Flounder costume. “Floundering” Around Disneyland Paris During their quest ...

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Disneyland Guest Faces Consequences After Sexually Harassing Gaston

belle glares at woman who is harassing gaston

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort might be known for their magical elements, but many observant Disney Park Guests will also notice that the “Disney magic” doesn’t always extend to the employees who are working within said Disney Parks or Disney Resorts. Disney Park employees, who are known as Cast Members, have particularly difficult jobs. The Disney employees who ...

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Guest Uses Tinker Bell Meet and Greet to Break Restraining Order

tinkerbell shocked and a tinkerbell cast member

Character Meet and Greets can be magical (and sometimes, even life-saving) experiences for Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Even when the Walt Disney Company has faltered lately and Disney Park Cast Members have openly revealed some major downsides of the job, there are still plenty of Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Hollywood Studios Guests who love to meet their ...

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Guest Reveals Story Behind Life-Saving Disney Kiss

tinker bell looks on as tink character performer kisses disney guest

We have already seen several Disney Guests referencing Disney Parks’ ability to help with anxiety or depression — and one woman actually uprooted her life to live close to Walt Disney World Resort, for the sake of her mental health — but another story has recently come to light that further confirms this! In a conversation on Reddit about Disney ...

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Tigger Performer Goes “Off-Script” And Steals From Cast Member


The lovable tiger named Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Wood, is up to some antics in at least one Disney Park! While enjoying the offerings of Disneyland Paris recently, a Disney Guest (@mademoiselle_angelique) saw the character Tigger blatantly stealing a large quantity of balloons from a Cast Member who was selling them. Tigger then proceed to ...

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“Why Can’t They Do This in Disney World?” Fans Gush Over Disney Character

disneyland character interaction

Disney Parks fans celebrated a wonderful magical moment with a Disney character, exclaiming how they were glad to see the Disney magic alive and well. One of the biggest draws of a Disney Park visit is the potential for a Disney character interaction. Between character meet ‘n’ greets, character dining, and the myriad photo ops and chances to meet your ...

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