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Disney World’s Rarest Character Meet-And-Greet Requires a Dip in the Lake

Disney World otter

Meeting characters at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is usually not a difficult endeavor. The offerings may change periodically, but the Parks do a good job of letting Guests know locations and options across the Orlando destination. However, there is something you should be aware of if you intend to head to the theme park soon. Magic Kingdom ...

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Disney Karen Asks for Backup, Gets Dragged Instead

Disney Karen photopass

A wild Karen recently appeared at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The grumpy mother claimed a PhotoPass Cast Member ruined her experience. She shared the encounter at the theme park on social media, thinking it would spark some agreeable backup. However, all she got was a barrage of unanimously opposite opinions hurled in her direction. A Fairytale Moment ...

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Disney Performers Embrace Non-Verbal Autistic Guest By the Dozen

autistic nonverbal guest with jasmine and loki

Ardent Disney Fanatics will already be aware that a large portion of the famous Disney magic comes from interactions with Disney character performers during Character Meet and Greets, or during impromptu on-the-go interactions with said performers (such as this absolutely adorable interaction between Ariel and a tiny French Flounder)! Being a Disney performer is certainly not easy, but the performers ...

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Cramming Magic Kingdom Meet and Greets Into Your Vacation? This Disney Expert Has Your Back


Any seasoned Disney visitor will tell you that Disney Parks’ Character Meet and Greets are time-consuming. Everyone wants to meet their favorite Disney princess or non-royal Disney character, whether they are fur or face characters, and so long lines are accepted as part of the Character Meet and Greet territory. However, one Disney enthusiast just proved that you really can ...

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Disney World Solves ‘Two Mermaids, One Park’ Problem

animated ariel and live-action ariel both hugging fans

One of the biggest questions that have occupied Disney Fanatics’ minds since the premiere of the new live-action Little Mermaid movie — besides, of course, whether or not this new “Scuttlebutt” rap is as bad as everyone says that it is — has been how the Disney Parks are planning to operate with two very different versions of Ariel the little mermaid ...

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Ariel Meets Adorable “Flounder” in Disney Park

ariel hugging a girl dressed as flounder in a disney park and the animated ariel smiling

TikTok user @sianapalm recently took her daughter to Disneyland Paris on one specific “mission”: finding Ariel the little mermaid and Disney princess. This mission was in large part because the TikToker, a Disney enthusiast who resides near Disneyland Paris and is named Ana, had dressed her young daughter in an adorable Flounder costume. “Floundering” Around Disneyland Paris During their quest ...

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Halle Bailey’s ‘Little Mermaid’ Creates Dress Code Problems for Park Guests

Ariel Halle Bailey

The new Little Mermaid has caused quite a stir in the Disney Fanatic community — with some Disney fans flocking to theaters to see the new Halle Bailey version of the 1989 animated Disney movie simply because they love Ariel, and plenty of Disney fans also deliberately flocking to theaters specifically to support the film after Halle Bailey faced a shocking amount ...

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Guests Complain After Meeting the New Ariel

halle bailey staring at a disney character performer who is playing ariel the little mermaid

Once the controversial live-action reimagining of the 1989 movie The Little Mermaid arrived in theaters on May 26 (this past Friday), Walt Disney World Resort wasted no time in ushering in a new era when it came to the Disney Parks’ representation of Ariel the Disney princess. Now, the ‘new Ariel’ has already met her first few rounds of Disney ...

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Halle Bailey Lookalike Begins Appearing In Disney Parks

halle bailey smiles at disney world version of her character ariel

The brand-new live-action remake of the 1989 classic The Little Mermaid has just come to movie theaters today, and Disney Resorts are wasting no time in establishing the ‘new’ Ariel’s presence in the Disney Parks! Character Meet and Greets featuring the new live-action Ariel (portrayed in the controversial new film by actress and BeyoncĂ© protĂ©gĂ© Halle Bailey) have just started, coinciding perfectly ...

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Guests Continue to Sexually Harass Disney Princess Characters

rapunzel and belle looking upset

It will, unfortunately, be no surprise to Disney Fanatics to hear that Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney Resort Guests are having a really hard time behaving in a civilized manner. Fistfights, Cast Member harassment, and reselling have all been enormous problems in Disney Parks as of late. We’ve even seen celebrities sexually harassing Disney performers in ...

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