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8 Underrated Disney Films We’d Like To See More Of In Walt Disney World


Each day guests enjoy attractions at Walt Disney World inspired by the most popular Disney films. However, there are a number of fan favorites that are considered “underrated Disney movies” that don’t have a strong presence in the parks, or any presence at all. Some films like Tarzan had a short-lived presence in the parks, but others didn’t get much ...

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8 Secrets to Planning a Perfect Day in Disney Parks

Cinderella Castle Balloons

It’s difficult to advise how to create a perfect day at a Disney park since everyone has their own idea of “perfection.” For some it could be hitting every attraction. For others it could be taking it easy and being pampered. However you plan on doing Disney, here are a few secrets to help you plan your version of a ...

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10 Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies You Must Collect!

Who doesn’t love some pressed pennies from Disney? They’re cute, unique, small, and affordable – pretty much the perfect souvenir! If you know where to look, you can find a penny press machine around every corner, it seems. Here are a few places to find some special pennies for your collection. 10. Dinosaurs – If you have a dino enthusiast ...

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8 Unforgettable Memories to Make at Walt Disney World

Cinderella Castle Dawn

Walt Disney World is one of, if not the, best place to make magical memories! There are so many places, events and attractions that can make wonderful memories for your family and friends. Listed below are the 8 Best Memories to make at Disney: 8. Watch a parade: Parades are one of the best parts of feeling like you are ...

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Disneybounding – What It Is and 10 Things You’ll Love About It!

While it would be fun to dress as one of your favorite characters and spend the day at a park, unfortunately you aren’t allowed to wear costumes to any Disney park. Disneybounding allows you to pay homage to your favorite characters through fashion. This can be done either with every day clothes or items inspired by a characters outfit. Disneybound ...

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9 Things No One Tells You About a Disney Vacation

Planning your first Disney vacation can be a magical but somewhat overwhelming experience. There are so many things to consider and so much you may not know about the Walt Disney World Resort. Here is our list of 9 things people may not realize if they have never visited the Disney parks before (or haven’t visited in many years). We ...

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10 Secrets to Having a Disney Trip You’ll Remember

A Disney vacation can be a whirlwind, and not just in the physical sense. With all of the magical and exciting stimuli affecting you throughout your time at Walt Disney World, there are bound to be some unexpected events, distractions, and memorable moments that keep your trip interesting. Here are ten ways to ensure that you have a genuinely unforgettable ...

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8 Experiences You Might Be Missing in the Magic Kingdom

There’s so much to do at the Magic Kingdom that it’s easy to see how certain attractions and activities might fall by the wayside. After you’ve done all of your favorite things, here’s a list of some fun things to try that you might be missing! 1. Character Interaction Everyone clamors to meet Mickey Mouse, but there are some lesser-sought ...

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Top 10 Hidden Gems at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is currently under extensive renovation and additions. Avatar Land is scheduled to open in 2017. Discovery River is under renovation and expansion for a new night show that is opening at the park. A new section of Africa is scheduled to open very soon allowing an additional passageway to Asia. While there is a lot to look forward ...

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