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Top 6 Fun, Family-Friendly Restaurants within EPCOT’s World Showcase

Cover dining

By now, we all know that visiting EPCOT’s World Showcase is the best way to experience multiple different nations all in one convenient, easy-to-navigate location while providing the perfect opportunity for going on the ultimate food flight with international cuisine classics from around the world. And while there are many different enticing options to indulge in throughout the eleven national ...

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‘Hide and Squeak’ Scavenger Hunt Begins

remy ratatouille hide and squeak

When the France Pavilion in the World Showcase (one of the highlights of the Disney Park EPCOT) was updated with new restaurants, locations, and the Genie+ ride Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, it brought new attention to the 2007 heartwarming animated tale Ratatouille. Now, Remy the rat and his culinary-loving friends are getting some extra attention again in the form of a special EPCOT ...

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10 Fan Favorite Places for Fine Dining Around Epcot’s World Showcase

7. Chefs de France – France Continue walking through the World Showcase and you’ll hit the charming, cobbled stoned streets of France. This romantic Parisian corner makes for an incomparable backdrop. And the beauty of this setting permeates its two sit-down restaurants. First, let’s talk about the Chefs de France bistro. This airy setting features high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and ...

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