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Fans are Delighted! Chip ‘n’ Dale Coming to New Disney Location

chip dale disney resort

Disney character meets ‘n’ greets are one of the biggest draws of the Disney experience. Being able to meet your favorites while surrounded by the Disney magic is one of the best things about a Disney vacation, be that at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida or the Disneyland Resort in Southern California. But those aren’t the only ...

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Disney World’s Marathon Runners Enjoy Surprise Visit From Rare Characters


Walt Disney World Resort has headed back to the 1990’s for its runDisney marathon this weekend, and that blast from the past has had some unexpected perks for Walt Disney World Resort marathon runners! We already knew that Walt Disney World Resort was going to be focusing on the 90’s for this runDisney marathon — particularly because one highly-in-demand runDisney ...

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Characters Finally Return to Animal Kingdom Area

disney animal kingdom dinoland characters

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put the Walt Disney Company through the wringer, since Disney Parks and Disney Resorts are designed to hold large crowds and a pandemic is directly at odds with that goal. However, we have gradually seen more and more Character Meet and Greets, shows, and dining establishments reopen — and now another fun Disney feature ...

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Before ‘Rescue Rangers’: Everything You Need to Know About Chip ‘n Dale

Chip and Dale are two of the most lovable characters in the Disney cartoon cannon. Though not officially considered a part of Mickey & Friends, they are adorable and mischievous side characters who always bring extra fun to a story. Usually, these stories paired them with Mickey’s best pal Pluto or Donald Duck. The adorable chipmunk pair first debuted in ...

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Director Confirms ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Is Not Just ‘For People Who Grew Up Watching It’

akiva schaffer chip n' dale rescue rangers

The famous Disney chipmunks Chip and Dale have returned to television again via the streaming service Disney+ on Friday, May 19, and D23: The Official Disney Fan Club has just spoken with Akiva Schaffer (the director of the Disney+ Original movie) to reveal not only what viewers at home can expect, but also to confirm whether or not new audiences ...

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‘Rescue Rangers’ Update: Clip Confirms John Mulaney’s Just Playing Himself

Chip and Dale Movie

At the end of the day, there are two kinds of voice actors: those whose real-life identity stays subdued behind the animated role they are playing and those whose real-life identity transcends their character. And the latest clip of Disney’s upcoming movie Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers appears to prove that John Mulaney is the latter example when it comes ...

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Original ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Chip ‘n Dale’ Voice Actor Dead at 97

Chip and Dale Voice Actor

Her name was Norma Swank-Haviland. Even the most hard-core Disney Fanatics probably would not know her name, but they would know her voice. She helped voice the mice in Disney’s Cinderella, and she was the original voice of Chip. She was also an ink-and-paint girl who worked as an animation final checker. Her first feature would be The Three Caballeros. Unfortunately, it is ...

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‘Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers’ Trailer Is Released

chip 'n dale

Fans of the classic chipmunk duo Chip ‘n Dale can reunite as the rodents’ new Disney+ Rescue Rangers film approaches! The official trailer for Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers was just released, and it looks like this movie will provide viewers with a heady mix of self-aware humor and nostalgia. Rescuing the world takes a pair. Chip 'n Dale: #RescueRangers, an Original ...

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Disney Favorites Who Would Have Made Awesome Villains


From the very beginning Walt Disney productions have been known for showcasing heroic and villainous characters alike. When we see one of the bad guys yielding what appears to be an unlimited source of power, which is of course intended for purely evil purposes, we find ourselves trembling. On the flip side, we breathe a sigh of relief when a ...

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Double the Fun This Twin Day with These Disney Movies and Shows

the parent trap

If you just happen to be a diehard Disney fanatic looking to get a twice as nice fixing by bingeing on some twin-centric Disney movies and shows, then we’ve got a couple of suggestions. Related: Who Is Your Disney Princess Twin? 8. Chip and Dale Cartoon Shorts It’s been long debated on whether or not the classic chipmunk duo we ...

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