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‘Lightyear’ Is Arriving Early on Disney+


As usual, summer has been full of blockbuster hits so far — and Lightyear has been Pixar Animation Studio’s addition to the summer collection of theatrical releases. If you already saw the new Pixar movie and Toy Story prequel Lightyear, which stars Marvel actor and Disney fanatic Chris Evans, then let us know on Facebook if you liked it; if you haven’t seen it yet ...

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Tom Hanks Backs Tim Allen in ‘Lightyear’ Casting Debate

Tim Allen Lightyear Casting

The early praise for Disney/Pixar’s feature film Lightyear has faded away to criticisms, and a lackluster box office performance as a consensus begins to form that the supposed origin story of everybody’s favorite Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear, missed the mark. One of the chief complaints has been Pixar’s decision to recast the voice of the “real” Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story ...

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Chris Evans Talks About His ‘Intimidating’ Role in ‘Lightyear’

chris evans lightyear

Avengers and Knives Out actor Chris Evans is starring as Buzz Lightyear in a brand-new Pixar film, and the actor famous for playing Captain America has recently spoken to D23 about his journey to the intergalactic movie role that Toy Story movie audiences are raving about! “My team called and said that Pixar had a project they wanted to pitch ...

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Chris Evans Releases His Inner Disney Fanatic

chris evans

Boston-bred actor Chris Evans is best known for playing one of the leading Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the successful actor has recently headed into space for a different reason — and he has just given D23 (the Official Disney Fan Club) the scoop on his new astronaut-focused film, revealing his inner Disney fanatic in the process! The Knives ...

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Chris Evans Says No To Captain America’s Return

captain america chris evans

Disney fans recently faced some disappointment upon learning that Dame Julie Andrews was saying no to a third Princess Diaries movie, and the disappointment continues for any Marvel fans who were partial to Steve Rogers! The Marvel superhero played by Bostonian actor Chris Evans has been replaced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by a new Captain America (played by Anthony Mackie ...

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‘Lightyear’ Loses to ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

lightyear jurassic world dominion

Audiences are all abuzz about the new Pixar Animation Studios movie Lightyear — but apparently, they are more enraptured with dinosaurs than astronauts! The new Lightyear film has just premiered in theaters on June 17, but Jurassic World: Dominion still has the new film beat even though it premiered back on June 10. Disney and Marvel have lost several records they held in recent ...

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Fans Celebrate ‘Lightyear’ Star’s Birthday

chris evans lightyear captain america

Boston-born actor Chris Evans is best known by Marvel and Disney fans for his role as Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) in the Captain America movies and the Avengers movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since his last movie as Steve Rogers and Captain America, the actor has not done much with Disney or Marvel — but now Chris Evans is back in ...

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Early Reviews Praise Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’

Buzz Lightyear Movie Reviews

In just seven days, Pixar fans will return to the movie theaters for the first time since the release of Onward. Disney/Pixar’s Lightyear is an action-pact adventure set to tell the origin story of the hero behind the toy first discovered in Andy’s room almost 30 years ago. The early reviews are starting to come in, and they appear to be setting high ...

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Marvel Stars Reunite for Disney Rival’s Movie

Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson

A small Avengers reunion is going down at the Apple TV+ studios as Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson team up as leads for the upcoming film Project Artemis. While little is still known about the project, it appears to be a Sci-Fi flick centered around the Space Race. According to Deadline, “Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) and Chris Evans (Captain America) are set to star ...

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Chris Evans Visits Walt Disney World for the Holidays

Looks like Captain America himself spent some time exploring the Walt Disney World Resort this holiday season! Actor Chris Evans and his family spent the weekend following Thanksgiving exploring the Magic Kingdom and taking in some holiday cheer with Mickey Mouse himself and all of the festivities the park has to offer during the most magical time of the year. ...

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