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Disney STEALS High Level Executive from One of World’s Biggest Companies

hugh johnston christine mccarthy disney

Is Disney’s new CFO here to stay? The Walt Disney Company has finally announced its new CFO after former Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy was unceremoniously booted off the gig, and months of the position being filled temporarily by Kevin Lansberry. It seems that the Walt Disney Company is slowly entering a period of some level of normalcy. After ...

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Disney Announces a Limited-Time Deal for National Streaming Day


Something special happens when worlds collide in our favorite series, and characters make cameos at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Disney Parks fans rejoiced when ABC’s hit comedy show “Home Economics” rolled out its third season with the Haymakers headed to Disneyland, and audiences got to lean into the Disney nostalgia alongside the characters.  In honor of National Streaming Day ...

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Disney Executives Ordered to Compile List of “Layoff Candidates”

Disney layoffs

Returning CEO Bob Iger made it clear that there were going to be major layoffs in the amount of around 7,000 employees of The Walt Disney Company, and a new report suggests Mouse House executives are getting ready for the first round of unloading. According to a new report from Business Insider, “Disney executives are being directed to identify thousands ...

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Wall Street Journal Exposes the Intense Boardroom Conflicts Between Chapek and McCarthy


Not every Disney fan loves former Disney CEO Bob Chapek (in fact, that’s quite the understatement) but not all Disney fans are fond of Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy, either — and apparently, these two Disney leaders weren’t happy with each other any more than Disney fans were happy with them! In a new article from the Wall Street ...

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Disney’s Next CEO? Top 5 Candidates to Replace Bob Iger

Iger CEO Replacement

Bob Iger ran Disney for 15 years during a beloved period of the company’s history. After Bob Chapek (Iger’s pick for CEO) was aggressively ousted on November 20, 2022, Iger is back to retake the helm. Iger has signed a 2-year contract to be CEO at The Walt Disney Company, with the understanding that he would use this time to ...

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“Hopefully Iger Dumps Her”: Disney Fans Want CFO McCarthy Gone

disney christine mccarthy

While Christine McCarthy may have survived the reorganization that took place after Bob Iger’s return, fans aren’t too happy with Disney’s CFO. It’s no secret that the last few weeks have seen the Walt Disney Company going through tumultuous times. Disney CEO Bob Chapek was ousted, and his predecessor, Bob Iger, took his place. A lot of Chapek’s allies were ...

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Report: Christine McCarthy Early Favorite to Replace Bob Iger

Bob Iger Replacement

Could The Walt Disney Company get its first female CEO after Bob Iger’s final departure? It looks more and more likely to be the case, as a new report shows the current Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy, as the leading contender for the position. “Christine has always been a force to be reckoned with, but you have to put her ...

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Chapek’s CFO, Christine McCarthy, Likely Safe at Disney

Christine McCarthy Disney

When one thinks about the “Chapek Era” of The Walt Disney Company, four key people come to mind: Now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Distribution Chairman Kareem Daniel, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro, and Disney CFO Christine McCarthy. Over the last 24 hours, two of those four key characters have already been shown the door. Last night it started with Chapek, ...

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Ominous Statement from Disney CFO Suggests Upcoming Layoffs

disneyland cast members and a layoffs sign

The Walt Disney Company seems to have been put through the wringer in recent months, particularly when it comes to public opinion — and even though the company’s earnings this year say otherwise, there was one tidbit from Disney’s CFO that might be a red flag! During the recent quarterly earnings call, Walt Disney Company Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy ...

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