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Ways In Which Disney Gives Back

It’s that time of year again, when people start to behave a little more generously toward one another, and the spirit of giving is first and foremost in the minds of all. But for the Walt Disney Company, generous giving isn’t just a seasonal occurrence, but rather an ongoing effort year-round. Throughout its tenure, Disney has been committed to making ...

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Disney Cast Members Receive Recycle Right Champion Picker Award

The Recycle Right Champion Picker Award is used by the Walt Disney Company to recognize those Cast Members who show an outstanding commitment to the parks’ and resorts’ environmental sustainability and zero waste initiatives. Today, we are wishing the utmost congratulations to the latest recipients of the Recycle Right Champion Picker Award, Cast Members Jim and Christine from the Walt ...

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Walt Disney World Shares a Look at the Resort’s Two Solar Facilities

Conservation and sustainability are at the core of operations at the Walt Disney World Resort. While these points are often made to Guests through things like the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund or visits to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in general, there is actually a lot more that goes into the sustainable operation of such a large theme park and resort property. ...

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Meet The Cast Members Behind Disney’s Conservation Fund

Kidani Villas

Many Disney Guests or Disney Fanatics might not know that Disney World has devoted decades and millions of dollars to conservation efforts, but if you didn’t know, you do now–because the Disney Conservation Fund has just awarded grants and funds to 60 more nonprofit organizations! The Disney Parks Blog also used the aforementioned announcement to shed a light on the ...

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Disney’s Conservation Fund Sends Support to 60 More Non-Profits

While Disney is often known for its focus on entertainment for Disney Guests (whether it’s in the form of movies or in-person attractions), did you know that Disney also places a lot of focus on giving back in regards to issues like climate change? For Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, Disney World kicked off the celebrations with donations totaling 3 ...

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