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Disneynature’s Polar Bear: The Perfect Earth Month Sendoff and a Welcome Watch This Mother’s Day

Polar Bear Movie Promo

In keeping with the tradition of presenting new releases from Disneynature on Earth Day, the latest in the collaborative collection of feature-length nature films by Disney, Polar Bear, just celebrated its premier on Disney+ respectively this past Friday on April 22. While it would be a pretty obvious conclusion to make in guessing that the featured creatures starring in this ...

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The Many Conservation Efforts at Work on Walt Disney World Property


Our Earth is our home and the home of countless other creatures as well. It also supplies so many natural life-giving sources. Protecting our planet, preserving it, and conserving it should be at the very core of our overall existence and our number one responsibility in life. The Walt Disney Company understands this, demonstrating time and again their social responsibility ...

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Plans for ‘UK Disneyland’ Are Scrapped

UK Disneyland London Resort

Disney fans who live across the pond in the United Kingdom will be disappointed to learn that they are not getting their own Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort after all! The United Kingdom has been planning a London Resort project as its own response to Disneyland Resort and Disney World since 2012, and the London Resort was meant ...

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Answering Wildly Awesome Questions About Disneynature Films

Monkey Kingdom

The Walt Disney Company has always had a deep-rooted history of exploring, conserving, and fostering new ways to educate the public about the importance of nature. In recognizing the majestic wonders of the world with all of its abundant wildlife and lush terrains, is it any wonder that Disney would look for easily accessible ways to share nature’s real-life magic ...

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Mylo the Baby Rhino Meets His Brother at Kilimanjaro Safaris

Rhinos, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom soon? Be sure to take a ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris to see one of the newest residents on the savanna, Mylo, the baby white rhino! Mylo was among the three white rhinos born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom within a 13-month timeframe, marking a monumental achievement in the world of rhino conservation. All babies born at Animal ...

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Curious How Disney Recycles Holiday Gingerbread Houses? Here’s an Inside Look!

Ever wonder what happens to Walt Disney World’s life-sized gingerbread displays after the holidays? With thousands of pounds of flour, sugar, butter, and more going into creating these full-sized, entirely edible creations, we have always been curious as to what happens with them when the New Year arrives and the holidays are over. Thankfully, the Disney Parks Blog just stepped ...

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Ways In Which Disney Gives Back

It’s that time of year again, when people start to behave a little more generously toward one another, and the spirit of giving is first and foremost in the minds of all. But for the Walt Disney Company, generous giving isn’t just a seasonal occurrence, but rather an ongoing effort year-round. Throughout its tenure, Disney has been committed to making ...

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Disney Cast Members Receive Recycle Right Champion Picker Award

The Recycle Right Champion Picker Award is used by the Walt Disney Company to recognize those Cast Members who show an outstanding commitment to the parks’ and resorts’ environmental sustainability and zero waste initiatives. Today, we are wishing the utmost congratulations to the latest recipients of the Recycle Right Champion Picker Award, Cast Members Jim and Christine from the Walt ...

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Walt Disney World Shares a Look at the Resort’s Two Solar Facilities

Conservation and sustainability are at the core of operations at the Walt Disney World Resort. While these points are often made to Guests through things like the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund or visits to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in general, there is actually a lot more that goes into the sustainable operation of such a large theme park and resort property. ...

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Meet The Cast Members Behind Disney’s Conservation Fund

Kidani Villas

Many Disney Guests or Disney Fanatics might not know that Disney World has devoted decades and millions of dollars to conservation efforts, but if you didn’t know, you do now–because the Disney Conservation Fund has just awarded grants and funds to 60 more nonprofit organizations! The Disney Parks Blog also used the aforementioned announcement to shed a light on the ...

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