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The Biggest Complaints at Disney World Right Now

Biggest Complaints Feature Image

Walt Disney World Resort is often hailed for being the most magical place on Earth, but it certainly isn’t perfect. At any given time even the most contested Disney fan can easily spout off a whole host of complaints about Disney World. And the current—still growing—list of complaints is skyrocketing. From familiar burdens that are nothing new to problems that ...

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PHOTOS: TRON Progress, Railroad Tracks Install Completed

Tron Construction Disney World

Another day and another update on Walt Disney World’s long-overdue Tomorrowland roller coaster. But things are looking promising! Theme Park insider known as Bioreconstruct was in the Magic Kingdom recently and shared some pictures of the construction on Twitter this Saturday. With the canopy and coaster track seemingly done–or at least assumingly after Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro and other ...

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Sneak Peak – There’s A New Area To Enjoy in Magic Kingdom

Video by MouseSteps – Two sections of the new hub have opened at the Magic Kingdom. Now, getting around in Magic Kingdom has gotten a whole lot easier! This new area is between the Plaza Restaurant and Cinderella’s Castle and affords incomparable views of the Fireworks Shows and Wishes for People with FastPasses. Check it out!

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The History of Disney World – 10 Steps To the Birth of The Most Visited Theme Park On The Planet

Walt Disney

We’ve walked its’ sunny streets lined with rides, shops and attractions. Been inspired by the World Showcase and futuristic lands in EPCOT. Ridden on the monorail, trains and water slides at the various parks. But have you ever wondered how this magical destination in Florida was born? We’ve pulled together interesting facts behind the planning and building of the most ...

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