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OpEd: Disney World Could Have Its Own Version of Tiana’s Palace Restaurant

Tiana's Place at Disney World

As most folks already know by now, both Disneyland Park in California, as well as Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, have plans in place for retheming their own versions of the long-time Disney classic Splash Mountain ride into a new attraction themed after The Princess and the Frog—Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Set to open in 2024, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will ...

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Return Date for More Disney World Character Dining, Breakfast Announced

Winnie the Pooh Character Dining Disney World

After waiting the same amount of time it would probably take to walk the entirety of The Hundred Acre Woods twice, Winnie the Pooh and his pals are finally returning to their Character Dining spot in The Magic Kingdom. Disney Parks announced today, “We’re rumbly in our tummy with exciting news! Winnie the Pooh and pals are returning for breakfast ...

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7 Meals You’ll Love in Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern

Of all the Disney Parks within the Walt Disney World Resort, Magic Kingdom may be the least praised for its dining options. While the perennial turkey leg is a park legend all to itself, new treats are constantly moving up. This list includes a combination of classic standbys and fresh experiences to keep every Disney diner on their game. 7. ...

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Top 5 Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Columbia Harbor House

Like the barrage of rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom, the dining options are vast and varied. Choosing a place to satisfy your appetite can be overwhelming and have you wandering around like Oaken (I couldn’t resist!), uncertain of which direction to go to receive the best overall dining experience. We here at Disney Fanatic agree that all of ...

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