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Iger 100 Days In: What’s He Done and What Does He Still Have to Do?

Bob Iger

It’s been 100 days since Bob Iger took back the reigns as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. Having replaced his own successor, Bob Chapek, Iger dove right in and made some significant changes to all aspects of the Disney Company. But with only a two-year contract in place, Iger still has some critical issues to address. Iger’s first significant ...

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Disney’s Next CEO? Top 5 Candidates to Replace Bob Iger

Iger CEO Replacement

Bob Iger ran Disney for 15 years during a beloved period of the company’s history. After Bob Chapek (Iger’s pick for CEO) was aggressively ousted on November 20, 2022, Iger is back to retake the helm. Iger has signed a 2-year contract to be CEO at The Walt Disney Company, with the understanding that he would use this time to ...

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Iger Was Not Disney’s First Pick for New CEO, They Were

Disney CEO Options

As Bob Iger gets reacquainted with his position as CEO of The Walt Disney Company, it has been revealed that the board of directors did not initially look to the former leader for a suitable replacement to the floundering Bob Chapek. According to The New York Times, the board came up with a few options both inside and outside the company. NYT reports ...

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‘Blindsided’: Disney Fires TV Content Head Peter Rice

Peter Rice Disney

In a sudden turn of events, The Walt Disney Company has removed Peter Rice as its Head of TV Content, replacing him with Dana Walden. According to¬†Variety,¬†multiple sources close to the situation reported that it was an ‚Äúentirely business and strategy-related‚ÄĚ decision made by Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Tuesday, June 7, and has nothing to do with Rice‚Äôs personal ...

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