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14 Cart Foods We’re Crazy for at Disney World Resort

popcorn castle

Cart foods might seem like a silly thing to gush about, but when it comes to Disney World cart foods…well, a bit of gushing is definitely in order. You see, as is the case with nearly everything, these simple snack foods just taste better in Disney World. This is probably because Disney just tends to do things better. However, it ...

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Dining Experiences All Disney Fanatics Should Have

Crystal Palace

While it’s the rides that make me eager to book my next Walt Disney World vacation, it’s the dining experiences that keep me coming back year after year. While growing up, my family was always on a tight schedule which meant we didn’t often enjoy the sit-down venues that the parks have to offer. As I’ve grown older and started ...

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13 Walt Disney World Snack Foods You Simply Must Try

walt disney world snack foods _ disney fanatic

The Walt Disney World Resort has really upped its snack game recently and we couldn’t be more excited for it! There are still plenty of classic snack options we know and love, but recently new ones have been added and older ones that flew under the radar are finally getting the recognition they deserve. If you haven’t snacked around the ...

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7 Foods We’re Nuts For At Disney’s Toy Story Land In Hollywood Studios

Lunch Box Tarts _ toy story land

Toy Story Land is more rootin’ tootin’ fun than anyone ever imagined, with its attractions Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers having gone down a blast. And then there are the characters – including the Green Army Patrol – not to mention all the awesome new merchandise. With any themed land there also comes a themed eatery. Woody’s Lunch Box offers a “roundup” ...

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A Review of Maria and Enzo’s Restaurant at Disney Springs

Maria and Enzo's

In the middle of winter 2017–18, the area of Disney Springs known as The Landing saw the opening of a new trio of concept restaurants — Pizza Ponte, Maria & Enzo’s Ristorante, and Enzo’s Hideaway — that not only serve up Italian-style fare in their own unique ways, but also share a romanticized “backstory” together. As the story goes, Maria ...

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10 Things We Love About Liberty Tree Tavern At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern _ magic kingdom _ disney fanatic

With so many locations to dine in Magic Kingdom, it can be challenging to narrow down the candidates. If you’re looking for a time-tested location, Liberty Tree Tavern might be the winning choice. Read on to discover ten things that make this colonial inn particularly special. 10. The Namesake In keeping with Liberty Square’s colonial theme, Liberty Tree Tavern is ...

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The 6 Things You’ll Love About the Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom

Nomad Lounge

The Nomad Lounge is a new bar/lounge that is located alongside Tiffin’s in the Animal Kingdom. While it isn’t a full-service restaurant, guests needing a break and wanting to relax a little can find the ability to do so here. Here are the six things that you’ll love about the Nomad Lounge! 6. Location – Nomad Lounge is located in ...

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6 Things You’ll Love About the Roaring Fork Restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Roaring Fork

Located inside Disney’s beautiful Wilderness Lodge Resort at Walt Disney World, the Roaring Fork counter-service restaurant offers up hearty comfort food at an affordable price. Whether you’re staying at Wilderness Lodge or make the voyage over there via boat, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying a relaxing meal in a rustic, cozy environment. Here are 6 things you’ll love about Roaring ...

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