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A “Horrific Hidden Gem”: Disney Fans Consider This the Best Disney Ride of All Time

dinosaur animal kingdom

What do you get when you take an impossible mission, an unhinged Jeep, and a dicey race through the late Cretaceous period littered with desperate calls screaming: “WE’RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!”? Disney’s most terrifying ride—and arguably fans’ favorite of all time. Tucked away in a muted compound in Dinoland, USA, stands the Dino Institute—a fictional paleontological research group behind ...

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Who’s On Deck? Disney Fans Debate Which Ride Will Close After Splash Mountain

Which Disney Ride is Closing Next?

Now that Walt Disney Imagineering has dove straight into the transformation of Disney’s Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park, Disney fans are left turning away from the remains of Chik-a-pin Hill and asking, what’s next? Posing the question to the Walt Disney World Subreddit, one fan asked “What Disney attraction do you guys think is next on the chopping block?” ...

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Experts Prepare Animals For Changes to Disney World Park


Apparently, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are not the only ones who are inconvenienced and affected by the changes being made to Disney Parks like EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom! In an interview with Cinemablend, Dr. Scott Terrell (who happens to be the Director of Animal and Science Operations for The Walt Disney Company) revealed ...

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Fan-Favorite Quietly Disappears from Animal Kingdom

dino diner is closed sign

Walt Disney World Resort has been filled with change lately, and not just in the minds of Disney fans who feel that the Disney magic has been lost due to rising prices, much-maligned leadership in the form of Disney CEO Bob Chapek, dissatisfied Cast Members, and bad Guest behavior within the Disney Parks. There have also been a lot of ...

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Fans Unhappy with ‘Zootopia’ Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Zootopia Disney's Animal Kingdom

In the flurry of what Josh D’Amaro called Walt Disney Imagineering’s “Blue Sky” announcements, there is one that is stirring up some debate among Disney Fanatics, specifically regarding the proposed retheme of DinoLand, U.S.A. We at Disney Fanatic were on hand to hear the Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products share the news that the area inside Disney’s Animal ...

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Characters Finally Return to Animal Kingdom Area

disney animal kingdom dinoland characters

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put the Walt Disney Company through the wringer, since Disney Parks and Disney Resorts are designed to hold large crowds and a pandemic is directly at odds with that goal. However, we have gradually seen more and more Character Meet and Greets, shows, and dining establishments reopen — and now another fun Disney feature ...

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OpEd: Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom Needs Australia

Animal Kingdom park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park may be the youngest of the four major theme parks comprising Walt Disney World Resort, but it presents some of the most revolutionary, standout features of all of them. Some have even gone so far as to say that it is not as “Disney-like” when compared with the other three, largely due to the fact that ...

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Why Doesn’t The Lion King Have a Bigger Presence at Disney Parks?

Which Lion King Character Are You?

It’s no mystery that Disney Parks are populated by the world of film, with the usual contenders being the likes of Star Wars, Toy Story and the more traditional Disney fairytales and characters. But what does often leave us scratching our heads is why certain properties don’t have a big presence. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that there are a ...

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