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Op-Ed: It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Openly be a Disney Dude

disney guest, cancelled sign

As physically grown and financially independent adults, I believe we should all be free to pursue our own definitions of happiness within the confines of the law. That being said, though, the current evolution of Disney adults has made it incredibly difficult for me to publicly claim that I am a Disney fan, and I put a lot of blame ...

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The Dating Site for Disney Adults: Romantic or Dystopian?

Couples at Disneyland Park

Disney adults, those who have an unwavering passion for all things related to the magical world created by Walt Disney, are on a quest to find their own “Happily Ever After.” To aid them on their journey towards love and companionship, a unique dating website has emerged, and it goes by the name of “Meet Upon Main.” At Meet Upon ...

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What’s Worse Than a Disney Adult? Hint…it’s Not Influencers

Disney adults

Disney Adults have an infamous reputation nowadays. Disney Adults There has been reporting on how this specific group of Disney fans is ruining the Disney experience for others. Examples may include individuals who budge families or kids for popular rides or engage in cringe-worthy annoyances like reciting lines from pre-shows. Related: Warning Signs You Are an Infamous Disney Adult It’s not ...

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Frustration With Jollywood Nights Explodes, Guests Demand Refunds

disney jollywood nights

Some fans slammed Disney influencers who demanded refunds after attending Disney Jollywood Nights at the Walt Disney World Resort. Central Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort is better known by its popular moniker “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” The Disney resort is famous for its four incredible theme parks and attractions—think like Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom Park, Slinky Dog ...

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Fans Drag Woman After She Calls Disney Adults “Pathetic” and “Disturbing”

Disney adults

The Disney adult debate has been a constant back-and-forth for years now. While many older people want to enjoy everything the Walt Disney Company and its theme parks offer, others just love to attack them. Certain critics say that Walt Disney World and other vacation destinations are for families and children. Furthermore, the presence of these Disney adults just adds ...

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Dear Brides: No, Your Guests Don’t Actually Care About Your Wedding’s “Disney” Details

disney weddings

These days, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings can be extravagant occasions (and some Disney Fanatics actually like them so much, that they return for repeat ceremonies no matter the price!). We’ve seen quite a few elaborate Disney weddings in recent years — whether or not they are official Disney Fairy Tale Weddings that take place in Walt Disney World Resort or ...

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“Only We Get Each Other”: Black Disney Adults Unite Online

disney adults

“Disney Adults” is a Disney visitor category that many Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or international Disney guests are already familiar with. However, not all adult and childless Disney Fanatics enjoy being labeled as “Disney Adults,” especially since there are a shocking number of people hatefully mocking them for their love of Disney magic and Disney theme park experiences. ...

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Couple THRIVES at Disney World While Leaving Kids at Home

Couple at Disney World

Disney World adults are a topic of much debate lately. The park is often hailed as a place for family fun with young children and not a serious getaway for adults seeking adventure. However, one couple recently explained how they, in fact, THRIVED during their recent trip to the Florida theme park. It turns out there are some benefits to ...

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Couple Visits Both Disney World and Disneyland During One Jam-Packed Day

disney adults vacation at disney world and disneyland

Disney Adults these days are a dime a dozen in the Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — but one happily-married couple has just made themselves stand out as hardcore Disney Fanatics by paying visits to Disney World and Disneyland on the same day! With Disney World being based in Florida and Disneyland being located in ...

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