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Op-Ed: In Defense of ‘Disney Adults’

disney adults

As seemingly undesirable as the term “Disney Adult” is nowadays, I’m not sure there’s anything inherently wrong with being one. Recently Disney Adults have become one of the least popular groups on the internet. The term became popular enough that Rolling Stone, NPR, and Insider even wrote articles about the phenomenon. So that begs the question, who is a “Disney Adult” ...

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Op-Ed: TikTok Isn’t Why Guests Behave Badly in Disney Parks

tiktok disney parks

Hot-take for the week: We need to stop blaming TikTok for Disney Park go-ers choosing to enact dangerous stunts. TikTok has been at the center of many recent Disney Parks stories, including many that we at Disney Fanatic have reported on. Cast Members and Guests often take to the platform to share their stories and experiences at the Parks. Recently, ...

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TikToker Roasts ‘Disney Adults’ in Videos

Disney Adults

“Disney Adults” continues to be a topic of debate and mockery across the internet in 2022, and one comedian has made a few videos satirizing members of the fandom. Comedian Steven Tirone (@steftee) shared his latest creation to TikTok yesterday, recreating how “Disney Adults” react to a ride breakdown. He is decked out in Disney gear, from the Sorceror Mickey ...

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Disney Adult Throws Temper Tantrum Over Mickey Pumpkin

mickey pumpkin replica tiktok disney adult autumn tantrum

Disney adults (i.e. adult Disney fans who do not have any children, and therefore travel to Disney Parks or Disney Resorts alone or with childless adult friends) have gotten a bad rap from many other Disney fans in recent years. Now, one particularly passionate Disney adult named Megan has taken to TikTok to share an issue that has apparently caused ...

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‘It’s Like a Flea Market’: Fans React to Disney Pin Traders in Park

Pin Trading Disneyland

One of the many sub-sects of Disney Fanatics–and “Disney Adults”–is Disney pin trading. But it seems that some Disney Park Guests are not fans of this hobby. While Disney Parks offer the lanyard-sporting Guests the chance to trade pins with other Cast Members without worrying about rejection, Pin Traders have been known to congregate in certain areas of the Theme ...

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Walt Disney Defends ‘Disney Adults’ in Rare Footage

disney adults

Disney Parks and Resorts like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been topics of contention for many Disney fans in recent months, mainly due to the bad behavior of Guests who are visiting said Disney Parks or Disney Resorts. Many Disney World or Disneyland Guests are adults who do not have children, i.e. “Disney Adults,” and these adult ...

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Video: ‘Disney Adult’ Runs Over Child at Resort Pool

Disney Adult Pool Incident

“Watch out for those Disney Adults!” Walt Disney World is for the young and young at heart, but sometimes the two groups collide–literally. One such case occurred at Disney’s Riviera Resort at Walt Disney World. A TikTok Video was uploaded by @daniellesmagicallifestyle shared a video of her fiance–who she describes as a “Disney Adult” colliding with a little kid on ...

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Last Days of Splash Mountain: What to Expect from Disney Adults

Splash Mountain Disney Adults

On July 1, 2022, Disney Parks Blog released long-anticipated confirmations regarding the transformation of Splash Mountain into a new log-flume ride themed after Walt Disney Animation’s feature film, The Princess and the Frog. We at Disney Fanatic shared that the ride will be officially named “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure,” and it will officially open at both Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park ...

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