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Meet the Adorable New Addition to Cinderella’s Story

white horse cinderella carriage disney world weddings

The iconic Disney princess and fairy tale heroine Cinderella might feel like her star is fading — or at least, the original version of her star — since her 1950 animated movie has been outshined by the 2015 Lily James film and since the original 1950 movie has just undergone a big change. However, Cinderella is still among the most ...

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Experts Prepare Animals For Changes to Disney World Park


Apparently, Walt Disney World Resort Guests are not the only ones who are inconvenienced and affected by the changes being made to Disney Parks like EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom! In an interview with Cinemablend, Dr. Scott Terrell (who happens to be the Director of Animal and Science Operations for The Walt Disney Company) revealed ...

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Animal Kingdom Lodge Welcomes Baby Pig

animal kingdom lodge

The population of the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort continues to grow, and the newest addition to the Animal Kingdom Lodge is particularly adorable! Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President, of Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment department, recently shared photos of a baby red river hog that has been born. “I am thrilled to introduce the newest ...

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These Are the Disney Pets We Wish We Owned


Throughout various works in Walt Disney Entertainment we’ve seen loyal, companionable demonstrations of love and mutual appreciation between various characters and their pets. Some relationships take on a more peer-to-peer dynamic of mutual respectability, like the bond we see between Pocahontas and her animal friends. Then there are situations in which animals are actually the caretakers of humans, as is ...

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Disney Animals Celebrate “Walt Disney World Day”

Yesterday was the first official “Walt Disney World Day” as designated in a proclamation by Orange County, FL. “Walt Disney World Day,” which will take place annually on December 3, was created as a way for Orange County to recognize the contributions that the Walt Disney World Resort makes to local Central Florida communities through work with organizations like the ...

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Disney’s Animals, Science & Environment Cast Members Celebrate Mylo the Rhino’s Two Month Birthday!

It has been an incredible year for the rhino breeding and conservation programs at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! With the most recent White Rhino birth, the park has now seen three new rhinos born over the past 13 months. Depending on the species of rhino, the animal ranges from extinct in the wild to near threatened, so breeding programs like Disney’s ...

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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Raya Travels 1,000 Miles During This Year’s Disney Conservation Tour de Turtles

Disney Conservation participates in the annual “Tour de Turtle,” which follows loggerhead sea turtles in a “race” around the world! The program supports sea turtle conservation initiatives and provides valuable data for researchers hoping to learn more about these incredible creatures. During this year’s Tour de Turtles, loggerhead sea turtle Raya swam nearly 1,000 miles to reach her foraging ground ...

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Cast Members Create Adorable Mickey Ears Hats for Creatures in The Seas With Nemo & Friends

If you are not following @drmarkatdisney on Instagram, you need to add him to the Disney accounts you are following! Dr. Mark Penning is the vice president of Disney Animals, Science and Environment, and his Instagram account is great for getting regular updates on all things animal-related at the Walt Disney World Resort. Recently, Dr. Mark shared a look at ...

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