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Child Panics on Disney Thrill Ride, Guests Unsympathetic

little kid scared, sleeping beauty castle in the background

Not every Disney ride is for every guest. That much has become clear to any Disney Fanatic who frequents the Disney parks. Whether it’s because one’s constitution can’t necessarily handle an intense thrill ride or because of something as simple as not meeting the height requirements for a ride, some rides aren’t meant for everyone. However, despite that, sometimes, guests ...

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“I Truly Cannot Believe the Entitlement”: Guest “Flabbergasted” After Shocking Behavior

disneyland line cutting

A guest was utterly frustrated with bad decorum and behavior from fellow park-goers at Southern California’s Disneyland Resort. There are times when guest behavior at the Disney Parks is simply beyond the limits of social acceptability. From picking fights with fellow cast members and guests to intentionally creating chaos or threatening the jobs of cast members to get one’s own ...

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Disney Reveals Brand New Attraction Coming to USA Theme Park Next Month

Pixar fest Night Time Show

For many Disney fans, there is no greater Disney Park attraction than a Disney parade. From the cheerful tunes to the spectacular floats, these parades are a highlight for visitors of all ages, bringing beloved Disney characters to life right before your eyes. At the heart of these parades lies the essence of unity and joy, where Disney’s most iconic ...

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Unexpected 5 HOUR Wait at Disney Shocks Fans: “Nope”

maters wait time

Fans were shocked at a five-hour wait time for a Disneyland ride that they thought was worth only “5 minutes or less.” One of the best parts of a Disney vacation is enjoying the various rides and attractions on offer no matter which Disney Park you visit—the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort. But when at a Disney ...

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New Disney ‘Wish’ Show Debuts at Disney Park

New Disney Wish movie trailer

Who doesn’t love going to see a new Walt Disney Studio movie? Enter the new Disney Wish movie… The Disney Wish Movie Disney’s upcoming film Wish will hit theaters next week. The studio’s newest animated feature (and Disney Princess-style movie) stars the voice talents of Ariana DeBose as Asha, Chris Pine as King Magnifico, and Alan Tudyk as Valentino. Related: Disney ...

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New Character Meet ‘n’ Greet Graces Disney Park

mantis character meet disney world

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known to be prime spots for a magical Disney vacation. Any Theme Park and the attractions at these Disney Resorts—think Haunted Mansion at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park and Disneyland Park, shows like “Fantasmic!” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a nighttime spectacular like Disney Enchantment, or lands like Pandora at Animal Kingdom Park or Avengers ...

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Cast Member Tells Guest With Hearing Disability to “Do a Better Job Listening”

rude disneyland cast members

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are some of the best places in the world for a Disney vacation. The magical Central Florida Disney Resort is home to four incredible Theme Parks that attract visitors from all over the world, including ones like Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and the Southern California Anaheim ...

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Highly Anticipated Show Gets Disney Park Premiere Date

rogers musical date disneyland

A trip to any of the four Disney Parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida, or the two at Disneyland Resort in Southern California, is an unforgettable experience. Be it a Theme Park like Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Park, and Disney California Aventure Park at Disneyland, each provides a distinctive ...

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Disney Character’s Quick Thinking Saves the Day in Religious Encounter

religious turtle talk crush

All fans love their chance to experience the Disney magic. But as we all know, there have been numerous strange encounters and interactions at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Parents have left their children with Disney characters as if the character were real-life babysitters, or even more extreme cases of picking fights and causing altercations with Disney Cast ...

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“Well That is Life:” Disney Fans Defend “Entitled” Vloggers Who Cut Ahead of Toddler

disney adults defend vloggers

Walt Disney always said that the Disney Parks were for everybody; be that the Walt Disney World Resort (pick any iconic Theme Park at the Disney Resort like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park) or the Disneyland Resort (with its two wonderful Parks, Disneyland Park, and Disney California Adventure). Even rare footage has surfaced where the iconic ...

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