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Disney World Maintenance Truck Plows Into Guests

Epcot Parking Lot Accident

One guest ended her Sunday at EPCOT with a jolt when a maintenance truck plowed into her car. Three car cameras captured the accident, showing that the Walt Disney World Resort cast member vehicle never stopped as it rolled into traffic. Walt Disney World Resort is infamous for its extensive parking areas. The entirety of Disneyland Resort could fit into ...

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“Stop, Stop!”, Disney Cast Member Goes Rogue in Front of Guests

Animal Kingdom Mickey and Minnie

More than 70,000 Disney cast members keep The Most Magical Place on Earth running. From entertainment to security, housekeeping to parking, each department brings something uniquely necessary to Walt Disney World Resort. And while most employees generally enjoy being part of the magic, not even Disney Parks can entirely eliminate cast member conflict. On Monday, a Disney’s Animal Kingdom guest ...

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Former Cast Member Returns to Disney World as a Spy

Disney World Vintage Main Street

A former Walt Disney World Resort employee recently returned to the Disney park as a guest. Though it is not unusual for Central Floridians to have Annual Passes, the ex-employee’s behavior is negatively impacting the Disney cast members they once worked with. Frustrated Disney cast member and Reddit user u/Acceptable-Mood-1509 sought advice online after repeated harassment from the former Walt ...

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Guests Debate if Disney Cast Members Have Become “Unfriendly”

Disney Guests debate unfriendly cast members

Being a Disney cast member is not an easy job. Whether you work for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or Adventures by Disney, none of it is smooth sailing. It is not easy to deal with thousands of people every day who have different wants, needs, and temperaments. Being a Disney cast member is so different from any ...

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Rumor: Disney Adding Pronouns To Cast Members Name Tags? Cue Conservative Outrage

Conservatives outraged over Disney adding pronouns to name tags

Over the past few years, The Walt Disney Company has become a punching bag for the conservative right in America. It started when former CEO Bob Chapek finally decided to speak out against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, known by its critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, after pressure from cast members. Since then, Disney has been fighting ...

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“Crisis Mode” in Disney World Activated With Guests Confused and Cast Members in a Panic: “Disney is Wild”

disney world crisis mode

Recently, guests reported an incident that had cast members in a panic, with some reportedly being in “crisis mode.” Cast members are the heart and soul of the Disney experience. They keep the theme parks running and functioning as they should, making sure guests have the magical experience they came to the Disney Parks for, and also work to keep ...

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Disney World Cast Member Gives Guest Confusing Surprise

cast member magical moments

A Disney World Guest was recently on the receiving end of a confusing surprise from Cast Members, but it’s more common than you think! The Walt Disney World Resort is a place of wonder and magic for all Guests. The Central Florida Disney Resort is known for its classic rides and iconic attractions that have visitors from all over the ...

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Cast Member Warns Guests to Anticipate More Frequent Ride Breakdowns

ride breakdowns disney world

Former Cast Members and Disney Guests had an interesting discussion recently about ride breakdowns and why we’re likely to see them happening more often. Ride breakdowns are a part and parcel of the Disney experience. Whether you’re a Guest at the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort, Guests know to anticipate that their rides might malfunction during their ...

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“Can They Also Be Paid for Their Dedication?”: Fans Celebrate Cast Members, Call Out Disney

cast member compliments

Disney Cast Members are the heart of the Disney experience. They form the backbone on which the Disney Parks are able to achieve and deliver the highest quality of entertainment to Guests. From character meet ‘n’ greets to keeping the Parks running, Disney Cast Members make Disney magic for Guests on the regular. One of the ways that Guests can ...

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