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Disney CEO Is Unnerved By Disturbing Questions About His Age

Disney CEO Bob Iger is certainly a hot topic among Disney fans these days — although he may still not be quite as passionately debated as former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was — and the Walt Disney Company leader recently made some particularly controversial statements about the ongoing WGA writers’ strike that has put Disney projects like Moana and Lilo & Stitch on ...

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Disney’s ‘Crumbling Castle.’ Analysts Dig Into Disney’s Fading Empire

Disney progress by cutting costs

When it was announced that Disney CEO Bob Iger would stay with the company through 2026, Iger admitted that the “challenges were bigger than he expected.” And he wasn’t wrong. Iger has returned to Disney’s “crumbling castle” and now needs more time to try and fix the more significant issues facing the Walt Disney Company. Wall Street was giddy when ...

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Bob Iger SLAMMED, Star Calls CEO’s Stance a “F—— Shame”

Bob Iger at Walt Disney Studios

For many years Disney CEO Bob Iger was considered one of the best things that happened to the Walt Disney Company. The CEO led the Walt Disney Company for fifteen years before retiring and stepping aside for former Disney CEO Bob Chapek to take over. It’s no secret that Bob Chapek’s tenure was fraught with confrontation and controversy, whether from ...

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After Months of Bitterness, DeSantis and Iger Find They Have Something In Common

disney desantis fight

It’s hard to believe that after nearly 18 months of feuding, Disney CEO Bob Iger and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would have anything in common. The two men have thrown sharp blows at each other as DeSantis rails against Disney across the country as he runs for the Republican presidential nomination. Related: In Iger vs. DeSantis, It’s a Battle of ...

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‘Moana’ Remake Is Postponed as Hawaiians Join Writers’ Strike

moana writers strike

If you were excited about the new Moana and Lilo & Stitch movies, then you’re about to be very disappointed! The Writers Guild of America members have been making headlines nationwide as actors and writers face off against film studios — especially after a crucial attempt at negotiations failed earlier this week — and now the WGA strike has spread to Hawaii! The Strike ...

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Bob Iger Dragged for Complete Lack of Self-Awareness in SAG-AFTRA Strike Opinion

Iger comments on strikes

Disney CEO Bob Iger made a lot of statements during his recent interview on CNBC Squawk Box with David Faber. However, one particular issue is sending waves of face-palms throughout social media. The iconic businessman is now at the mercy of online critics and celebrities who have hilariously started calling him out for his complete lack of self-awareness when giving ...

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“Pricing Is Not an Issue” Disney CEO Shares Explanation for Theme Park’s Dwindling Crowds

bob iger disney park attendance

After being accused of “missing magic,” driving a “woke” agenda, box office blunders, and an ongoing feud with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the once-retired Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed an extended stay in his role until 2026. The announcement sent shockwaves through the media, with speculations abound about the Walt Disney Company’s perspective on the countless headlines it’s been starring ...

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‘The Challenges Are Greater Than I Anticipated’ Iger Gets Brutally Honest About Disney’s Films

Iger admits Disney films have been disappointing

Now that Disney CEO Bob Iger has decided to stay with the company through 2026, he realizes that some work must be done. In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Iger admitted that Disney’s recent output of films has been “disappointing,” and there is still work to be done to bring the Walt Disney Studios back to profitability. Disappointing Returns ...

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‘Preposterous And Inaccurate’ Iger Addresses DeSantis’ Claims About Disney Sexualizing Children

disney desantis fight

In a wide-ranging interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Disney CEO Bob Iger addressed the company’s ongoing feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the accusations DeSantis has made on the campaign trail that Disney is trying to sexualize and groom children. Related: Every Fight DeSantis Picks With Disney Hands His Biggest Rival a Victory Iger called that accusation “preposterous and ...

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Bob Iger Officially Extends Stay as Disney CEO

bob iger disney ceo

Bob Iger has officially agreed to the Disney Board’s request to remain CEO for an extended period of time past his initial date. He will be staying with the company through the end of 2026. The prominent Disney icon returned to the entertainment giant last year after then-CEO Bob Chapek stepped down. Iger hopes he can help the company navigate ...

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