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New Report Says Iger’s Top Priority Will Be a “Solid Succession Plan”

iger top priority disney

Over the last month since Iger’s takeover of the mantle of CEO at the Walt Disney Company, more evidence has been coming to light about the realities behind the change. The latest report says that on his return, Iger’s top priority will be a solid succession plan to ensure what happened with Chapek doesn’t happen a second time. Even though ...

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Wall Street Journal Exposes the Intense Boardroom Conflicts Between Chapek and McCarthy


Not every Disney fan loves former Disney CEO Bob Chapek (in fact, that’s quite the understatement) but not all Disney fans are fond of Walt Disney Company CFO Christine McCarthy, either — and apparently, these two Disney leaders weren’t happy with each other any more than Disney fans were happy with them! In a new article from the Wall Street ...

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Bob Iger and James Cameron Discuss Changing ‘Flight of Passage’


Avatar fans have been waiting for news about the very-long-awaited sequel (make that multiple sequels) to the original 2009 Avatar film — especially since Walt Disney World Resort only whetted fans’ appetites by installing the popular Flight of Passage simulator ride in the Animal Kingdom, which can have as high as a four-hour wait in line and allows Guests to experience riding Banshees ...

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Disney+ Shifts Focus to ‘Quality Over Quantity’ Under Iger’s Leadership


It is no secret (among Disney fans, at least) that the man who was the CEO of the Walt Disney Company until recently, Bob Chapek, made many business decisions for the Walt Disney Company, Disney Parks, and the Disney+ streaming service that Disney enthusiasts or customers did not agree with. Some of these decisions certainly did not pan out for ...

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Disney World Faces Backlash After Failing to Remove Offensive Tweet


The Walt Disney Company and its Disney Parks or Disney Resorts have developed a bit of a reputation as a “woke” establishment — particularly in Florida, where Walt Disney World Resort has consistently been at odds with Florida politician Governor Ron DeSantis — but apparently, even “woke” Disney can still offend people! The Walt Disney Company has gone through a ...

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Fans Mock Disney For Speedy Removal of Chapek Signage


The Walt Disney Company has experienced tremendous upheaval in recent months, but arguably the most dramatic moment has been the removal of Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek and the reintroduction of former CEO Bob Iger. Disney fans have been all abuzz with the news of the popular old CEO’s return and the notoriously-unpopular Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s exit — ...

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Disney CEO Bob Iger Shares Plans to Boost CM Morale

bob iger cast member morale

Bob Iger confirmed an intention and shared a message to lift Cast Members spirits at Disney, recalling the Company’s past. As many fans know, Disney CEO Bob Iger held a Town Hall meeting earlier today for Disney employees and Cast Members, where he addressed the future of Disney and gave the community some insight into what they could expect in ...

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