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Bob Iger Thought He Deserved a $47.5 Million Payday. Here’s Why.

bob iger self evaluation pay day

A lawsuit forced Disney to reveal previously sealed documents that explain how Bob Iger reasoned a $47.5 million payday for himself. When it comes to matters of money, it appears that Disney and Disney executives can’t stop making headlines. Recently, 9000 women were granted permission by a California judge to sue the Walt Disney Company for pay discrimination. As part ...

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After Dropping $105 Million of Disney, South Carolina Treasurer Says it Has ‘Structural Rot’

disney apple merger

Last week, South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis announced that the state would no longer invest in the Walt Disney Company. When he announced, he cited Disney’s “woke” agenda and “far-left activism.” South Carolina owns $105 million in Disney debt instruments that it does not plan on replacing after it comes due. The debt instrument is a bond that Disney ...

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Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott Benefitted From Disney’s “Bribes”

Federal Judge Dismisses Disney's Case Against DeSantis

While the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board has been specially handpicked by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, one of their recent moves might have revealed some unfortunate realities about the Republican politician. The battle between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is legendary at this point. What began over a disagreement about the Parental Rights in Education ...

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Contentious CEO Demands Bob Iger Be Fired Immediately: “Walt Disney is Turning in His Grave”

bob iger fired disney

Controversial and erratic Tesla CEO and X owner Elon Musk seems to be quite angry at Bob Iger for his recent decision to pull ads from X, formerly known as Twitter. Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has been embroiled in many controversies. Some accused the company of being too politically involved with former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s actions ...

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Will Elon Musk Buy Disney? “Buy ‘em and Turn Them Into Twitter”

elon musk disney

Ostensibly fed up with Disney’s current MO, a fan suggested Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk buy the Mouse House! The Elon Musk-Walt Disney Company controversy recently swept the internet when the Tesla CEO cussed out Disney for supposedly trying to “bully” X, formerly known as Twitter, with money. After a recent controversy where Mr. Musk supported an antisemitic comment ...

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Musk Might Be Cussing Disney Out, But Bob Iger Couldn’t Care Less

bob iger elon musk disney

Elon Musk’s recent comments do not help his case and will likely just sour relations with the Mouse House more, especially with the Walt Disney Company needing to distance itself from controversy. Disney has always been an image-conscious company. They have proven this time and again when it comes to how quickly they will cut ties with any actor, singer, ...

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Bob Iger Wants Employees To Be Optimistic About Disney’s Future, but Many Are Skeptical

bob iger disney town hall

In a recent town hall, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, did his best to instill optimism in employees, but they didn’t bite. The Walt Disney Company has recently entered a new era of building. That’s what Robert Iger (Bob Iger), its long-lasting CEO, communicated at the most recent earnings call. Of course, it’s also worth noting ...

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Does Disney Make Too Many Sequels? CEO Bob Iger Doesn’t Care

Disney Sequels

Disney CEO Bob Iger has a lot on his plate nowadays. When he decided to step back into the role over a year ago, he unlikely knew what he was stepping into. In recent years, the company stock has dropped to lows not seen in 10 years, and there seem to be some concerns over park attendance. But perhaps a ...

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History Repeats Itself: Critics Warn Disney is “Rotting From the Head Down”

disney major business problems

With the incredibly tumultuous year that Disney has had in 2023, some have drawn parallels to what happened in the company’s past, citing its “history of corporate drama” as one of the reasons the Mouse House is failing. The Walt Disney Company has not had it easy for the last few years, but particularly in 2023. The Mouse House, initially ...

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Disney Learns Billion Dollar Lesson: ‘They’ve Got to Cut’

Disney progress by cutting costs

After Disney CEO Bob Iger held his earnings call with investors last week, Wall Street generally saw the positives. What wasn’t there to like? Iger announced that Disney Plus had added subscribers and cost-cutting measures earlier this year, saving the Walt Disney Company an additional $2 billion. Iger touted it as a “new era” for Disney.  And Wall Street responded ...

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