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Bob Iger Speaks on Future of ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise

Man booby-trapped his home like 'Indiana Jones' for FBI raid

We’ve heard a lot about Disney cutting down on its content recently due to cost-cutting measures on the part of the Walt Disney Company. In order to make their streaming service more profitable, Disney CEO Bob Iger detailed many actions, including “rationalizing” the content they make and produce in-house. But one franchise that many have been on the edge of ...

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New Report Suggests Bob Chapek Was Set Up To Fail

disney ceo bob chapek failure

As the dust settles after Bob Chapek’s ousting, more evidence is coming to light in the aftermath that the controversial CEO was set up to fail. The Walt Disney Company has seen much upheaval in the last month, between the ousting of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek and the return of his predecessor, current Disney CEO Bob Iger. Iger has been called ...

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Disney’s Next CEO? Top 5 Candidates to Replace Bob Iger

Iger CEO Replacement

Bob Iger ran Disney for 15 years during a beloved period of the company’s history. After Bob Chapek (Iger’s pick for CEO) was aggressively ousted on November 20, 2022, Iger is back to retake the helm. Iger has signed a 2-year contract to be CEO at The Walt Disney Company, with the understanding that he would use this time to ...

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Disney World Continues Advertising Jobs Despite Confirmed Hiring Freeze

disney world hiring freeze

It appears Bob Iger and Disney World aren’t quite on the same page since the Disney Park continues to invite people to apply for jobs there. The last week has been a whirlwind for the Disney community. The controversial former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was ousted from his position and his predecessor Bob Iger returned to take his place. The week saw a significant ...

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Bob Iger to Address Disney Employees About the Future of the Company

bob iger townhall disney

The newly returned CEO of the Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, has announced that he will be addressing employees and Cast Members about the future of the Company. The Walt Disney Company has seen a lot of upheaval and reorganization over the last week. Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was ousted (reportedly due to an internal rebellion) and was replaced ...

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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Has Thoughts on Disney Superfans and Florida Bill

bob chapek d23

During the bustling D23 Expo, Bob Chapek found a moment to share his thoughts on multiple recent Disney controversies. Bob Chapek has found himself at the center of many criticisms since he took on the mantle of Disney CEO. Chapek has been criticized and tied to the rising Disney prices, the disappearance of the classic Disney magic, and services like ...

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VIDEO: Bob Iger Gets More Cheers Than Bob Chapek

bob iger d23 bob chapek

In a turn of events that may not surprise Disney fans, former Disney CEO Bob Iger is still more popular with fans than Bob Chapek. D23 Expo is the ultimate Disney fan event, where fans get a behind-the-scenes peek into the people behind the Disney magic. They get to see Imagineers, get a sneak peek into the upcoming Theme Park ...

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