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Disney Plus Axes Original Film 7 Weeks After It Airs, Reveals Fatal Flaw in Disney Content

Crater Mckenna Grace Disney Plus

With over 100 original films and television shows and counting dropped from Disney’s streaming service, there’s no telling which project will be next on the chopping block. Three years since Disney launched Disney Plus, the Walt Disney Company continues to move its content around like a Rubik’s cube to perfect its profitability. Since the second-quarter earnings call when Disney CEO ...

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‘Hannah Montana’ Star Reveals Enormous Surprise

emily osment and miley cyrus in hannah montana as hannah miley and lilly

Another Disney Channel star has found love!¬†Hannah Montana¬†star and Disney darling Emily Osment has just announced her engagement and revealed an adorable proposal featuring the iconic Yosemite National Park. A Disney Star’s Happily Ever After Emily Osment rose to fame after starring alongside Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana, which focused on a teenager named Miley who ...

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Disney Accidentally Terrifies Its Audiences With New Film

prom pact poster with disney channel logo

As spring comes into its own and summer begins to approach, prom will be on the minds of many parents and high schoolers. This end-of-the-school-year dance is considered to be one of the highlights of the high school experience, and many movies have already been made about it. Now Disney+ has made its own high school prom movie, and the ...

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Disney Rewrote ‘Camp Rock’ to Suit the Jonas Brothers

camp rock

On the D23 podcast, Kevin Jonas recently revealed that he and his brothers from the Jonas Brothers boy band (i.e. Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas) were reluctant to do the 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock¬†and its 2010 sequel¬†Camp Rock: Final Jam. Apparently, the band was taking off at the time and the boys didn’t think that the movie ...

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Jonas Brothers Host New Show

jonas brothers claim to fame

If you’re a fan of Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and the Jonas Brothers band members’ lesser-known brother Frankie Jonas, then you will definitely want to tune into ABC for the new TV show¬†Claim to Fame! Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas are hosting the new show, and the duo recently spoke to D23 to give audiences an idea of ...

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‘Halloweentown’ Stars Announce Engagement

halloweentown 2

The classic Halloweentown Disney Channel Original Movies are the digital equivalent of comfort food for many Disney fans, and those same fans will be excited to learn that two stars from the movies are getting married! The 1998 movie Halloweentown follows the journey of teenager Marnie Piper as she and her siblings discover that they are witches with magical powers ...

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Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Disney Summer Magic Quest’ With ‘ZOMBIES’ Actors

disney summer magic quest zombies

If you loved Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest and the new quest-themed reality show on Disney+, then you will definitely want to tune into Disney Channel on Sunday, June 26! According to the Disney Parks Blog, the “first-ever” Disney Summer Magic Quest will be airing at 7 pm — and like Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest, it features four actors from the¬†ZOMBIES¬†series ...

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Extended ‘ZOMBIES 3’ Trailer Is Released

zombies 3

ZOMBIES fans have only seen short teaser trailers for the newest Disney Channel Original Movie — that is, until now! Even though the days of Disney Channel Original Movies like Camp Rock and High School Musical are long gone, Disney has continued to release some original movies for Disney Channel — and one of the more popular releases, the ZOMBIES ...

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RuPaul Joins Cast of Disney Channel Movie

rupaul zombies

Disney is releasing the third movie in the ZOMBIES franchise this summer, and a particularly recognizable actor has joined the cast of ZOMBIES 3! The “drag icon” RuPaul is going to be part of this Disney Channel Original Movie! The first¬†ZOMBIES movie premiered in 2018, and was based on the book “Zombies & Cheerleaders”. Humans and zombies and the relationship ...

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