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Disney Character Performers Targeted by Serial Stalker; Former Cast Member Speaks Out

Disney Character Performer

This is truly an unfortunate and somewhat inevitable part of being a cast member at the Disney theme parks worldwide. A former Disney character performer has bravely stepped into the spotlight to share her harrowing experience of being stalked while fulfilling her role at the renowned entertainment mecca. Amidst the glittering facade of magic and wonder, the dark shadow of ...

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New Collaboration Between ‘Bluey’ & ‘The Simpsons’ Leaves Fans Confused, Enraged

Simpsons Family

Over the weekend, fans were shocked–and some were enraged–to see Bluey and Bingo from the Disney+ children’s series, Bluey, in a Mother’s Day episode of The Simpsons. The Creator of ‘Bluey’ Shares His Inspiration For the Series Australian animator Joe Brumm is credited with creating Bluey, one of the most successful children’s programs of all time. Not only did he create ...

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Onlookers Mock Disney Character During Parade

adults mock moana cast member

Any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort guest can take a look at a Disney character performer, sweating in their thick costumes and smiling despite harassment from guests, and can presumably realize that theirs is not an easy job. Cast members and Disney character performers must deal with many challenges while staying in character, even if said challenges involve ...

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Some Are at Their Wits End With These Disney Guests: “I’d feel so ashamed”

Guest Character meet and Greet Disneyland

Disney guests are absolutely fed up with one particular subset of fans who simply don’t seem to understand when they’re overstaying their welcome. Going to either the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort is a dream come true for many Disney fans around the world. Either Disney Resort is known for its amazing rides and attractions and for ...

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Disney World Guest Incident: Character Quickly Evacuated From Area

Disney characters

There’s nothing like getting to meet your favorite Disney character while at Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, and several other Disney parks offer special meet-and-greets where guests can meet their favorite characters. At Walt Disney World Resort, there are multiple character meet and greets at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s ...

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Disney Character Changed Following Inappropriate Comments

Woody Parade Dance

After inappropriate comments spread online, woody performers allegedly toned down their dancing in a Disneyland Resort parade. The Disney Character sits on an oversized rocking horse during A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland Park. Multiple clips of the Toy Story (1995) icon’s performances went viral on TikTok. This November 15 video from @danielleonate was first, garnering more than one million ...

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6 Disney Characters You Can’t Meet in the Parks

Kermit and Miss Piggy

No matter how old you are, spotting Goofy or Donald Duck at Walt Disney World makes 100 years of Disney magic feel real. Seeing a child light up when they lock eyes with Mickey or Minnie Mouse makes any amount of money and planning worth it. Guests had to adjust to a Disney Park experience without this magical touch with ...

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Character Meet and Greets Are Getting a Revolutionary Update at Disney

Character Meet and Greet Patent

Clarabelle might have crushed some dance moves at Disneyland’s first Pride Nite, but it’s a wonder she didn’t crush anything else. “Fur characters,” or Disney Park characters with costumes encompassing their entire body and head, don’t have the easiest job at Disney. Aside from the obvious heat engulfing Cast Members in the muggy Orlando temperatures and summer temperatures in Anaheim, ...

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Disney Character Brings Comfort to Surprising Guest

donald duck character meet

Any Disney Fanatic can attest to the fact that one of the best parts of the Disney Parks experience is meeting your favorite characters and immersing yourself in their world. From wholesome interactions with toddlers to some more humorous ones with Disney Adults, we’ve seen a large range of experiences of fans interacting with characters; both at the Walt Disney ...

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