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Showrunner Calls for “Crush” of Disney’s Latest “Scam”

Disney scam

When you think of scams involving Disney, you often head straight to ticket scalpers or the infamous merchandise resellers. However, recent reports have surfaced to discuss an ongoing “old Disney scam” that involves the company as the culprit. The Walt Disney Company allegedly engages in an unbelievably shady scam against certain workers to avoid giving raises and holiday pay, and ...

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“Such a Weird Hill to Die On”: Florida House Passes Bill, Continues to Come for Disney Contracts

florida house land use bill

Another day, another update on the Disney vs. DeSantis case. It seems like the Walt Disney Company’s battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is all anyone can talk about at the moment. The battle that has been drawn out for over a year now has had numerous back-and-forths, with each party constantly swinging back every time it appeared like one ...

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