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5 Most Memorable Disney Movie Dads 

Goofy Movie

Disney movies range from featuring a famous Disney princess to taking the perspective of a clownfish. While each has a different lovable protagonist enchanting Disney audiences, they share a unique plot characteristic. Most of our favorite Disney characters have one parent—if they’re lucky. Family dynamics in Disney films might be descendants of the dark Brothers Grimm stories they originated from, ...

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Disney Dad Training: 5 Child-Carrying Pro Tips for Every Park Scenario

Disney Dad

Disney dads are built differently. They have no choice—navigating Walt Disney World crowds with kids in tow is no joke. From hauling Park bags stocked with water bottles to fireman-carrying crying kiddos back to the Resort, it’s only possible for dads to enter Disney with some proper prep. While a well-kept itinerary, eyes on Genie+, advanced dining reservations, and an ...

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It’s Getting Harder to Openly be a Disney Dude

Disney Adults

As physically grown and financially-independent adults, I believe we should all be free to pursue our own definitions of happiness within the confines of the law. That being said, though, the current evolution of Disney fans has made it incredibly difficult for me to publically claim that I am a Disney fan, and I put a lot of blame on ...

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I Can’t Wait to be a Disney Dad

Disney Dads

At the time I’m writing this, I am a proud single “funcle” to two amazing little boys and a Godfather to the youngest. They joined me for a day of my last Disney trip, and while I am in no actual rush, I realized how excited I am to one day be a Disney Dad. Related: Father Stuns Audience With ...

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Celebrate Disney’s Goofiest Dad with ‘A Goofy Movie’ This Weekend

A Goofy Movie cover

We’ve come to make the acquaintance of all different kinds of fathers presented throughout various works within Walt Disney Entertainment. There have been sterner representations, like those of Mr. Banks in the 1964 adaptation of Mary Poppins, as well as devoted doting animal dads who always put their young ones first, such as Pongo from the 1961 movie 101 Dalmatians ...

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Father’s Day Gift Guide From Your Favorite Disney Dads

Disney Father's Day Ideas

Still agonizing over what to get Dad? Take some advice from these Disney Dads for some great gift ideas! Geppetto (Pinocchio, 1940) Geppetto is the lovable carpenter who makes delightful creations, including his beloved Pinocchio. Though Pinocchio begins his life as a living puppet, he soon goes on a journey to become a real boy. Like many dads, Geppetto enjoys ...

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