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Dress-Coded Guest Accuses Disneyland of Body Shaming


The Disney Park dress code has been a topic of contention lately for many Disney Park Guests lately, since many Disney Guests like to Disneybound (i.e., dress up in outfits and styles that represent certain Disney, Marvel, or Pixar characters) or wear certain kinds of attire that suit the warm-weather climates of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — ...

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Model Defends Her Disney Outfit After “Inappropriate” Accusations

model wearing outfit in front of cinderella castle

Once again, the standards for Disney outfits and dress codes have come into question! We have seen many Walt Disney World Resort Guests complain about the Disney dress code recently, or complain about offensive or revealing outfits that they have seen other Disney World Guests wearing. Now, a plus-size model who has recently enjoyed a trip to Walt Disney World ...

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VIDEO: Disney World Guest Gets Creative in Florida Heat

bikini disney world florida

A Disney World Guest took some liberties in dealing with the Florida heat and was almost denied entry at Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida is one of the best places in the world for a Disney vacation. Whether it’s for the myriad rides and attractions like “Jungle Cruise,” “Space Mountain,” or the soon-to-be-rethemed “Splash ...

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Disney Dress Code Comes in the Way of Wedding Photos

disney dress code wedding photos

The Disney dress code is known to be particular to avoid certain messy situations, and it might just come in the way of a Guest’s wedding photos. The Disney Parks are places of magic and wonder for all who come to them. Guests come to the Disney Theme Parks — be that Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort — to live out their fantasies and ...

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Man Sports Prohibited Tattoo in Disney Park

disneyland dress code

A man was recently seen sporting a questionable tattoo at a Disney Park, which certainly was far too explicit to be seen in public. The Disney Parks are known to be some of the best places for a wholesome family vacation. From going to Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, and Sleeping Beauty Castle in ...

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Personal Stylists Offer Solution to Disney’s ‘Dress Code’ Problem

personal shopper disney dress code

Even though the dress code for a theme park might seem easy to grasp, Guests at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been struggling with the concept (or taking advantage of it) in recent months. Now, a small business is offering a special service to help Disney or Universal Guests avoid any dress code infractions — and get ...

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Guest Yells at Cast Member and Challenges Disney Dress Code

cast member kali river rapids

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disneyland Paris) Guests have been behaving increasingly badly in the Disney Parks and Resorts, breaking rules and fistfighting or yelling at Disney Cast Members. Now, yet another Walt Disney World Guest has behaved badly and unkindly towards a Cast Member — but this time, the Guest’s reaction involved the Disney ...

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