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Not So Magical: Disney Near the Bottom Of American Companies To Work For

Bob Iger at Walt Disney Studios

It’s no secret that 2023 was not a great year for The Walt Disney Company. From film flops to diminishing attendance at Walt Disney World to various lawsuits, Disney was happy to see the calendar turnover. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of Disney’s terrible year was the issues it had with its employees and cast members. But now, ...

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Guests Debate if Disney Cast Members Have Become “Unfriendly”

Disney Guests debate unfriendly cast members

Being a Disney cast member is not an easy job. Whether you work for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, or Adventures by Disney, none of it is smooth sailing. It is not easy to deal with thousands of people every day who have different wants, needs, and temperaments. Being a Disney cast member is so different from any ...

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Yet Another Disney Employee Arrested for Child Pornography

disney employee child porn

Reporting news of a more somber nature, a Disney employee was recently arrested for 32 counts of child pornography per the latest reports. While the Walt Disney World parks are undoubtedly places of magic and wonder, there are times when there is news of a less-than-savory nature to report relating to events that happen at these locations. Sometimes, it’s ride ...

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Three Disney Employees Arrested in Human Trafficking Operation

Magic Kingdom.

Per recent news, three Disney World employees have been arrested in a human trafficking operation in Polk County, Florida. While most of the time, we at Disney Fanatic have only the most wonderful news to share about “The Most Magical Place on Earth” or the Walt Disney Company at large. From the most iconic Disney love story there is to ...

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Former Cast Member Exposes “Goofy” Performers’ Secret

goofy disney character performer

It is no secret — at least in the Disney Fanatic community — that Disney character performers have some tough jobs in Disney theme parks worldwide. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort character performers or Cast Members have shared plenty of behind-the-scenes stories exemplifying their struggles, and the employees who portray fur characters like Goofy or Mickey Mouse have ...

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Disney CEO Antagonizes Cast Members Again


When former Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger returned from his not-so-retired-retirement to replace Disney’s much-maligned CEO Bob Chapek and take the helm once again, many Disney fans were ecstatic. However, Iger has faced many challenges since returning to the position of Disney’s CEO, with one big issue being the wage negotiations with Disney’s unionized employees (which have not gone ...

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Bob Iger Antagonizes Employees After Company-Wide Announcement


Many Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort enthusiasts have been thrilled about the return of former (and now current) Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and the removal of now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek — but after CEO Bob Iger’s most recent announcement to Disney employees, the returning CEO’s warm welcome from his co-workers might now be a bit ...

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