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‘Game of Thrones’ Characters Undergo Fascinating Disney Makeovers

jon snow daenerys targaryen game of thrones

These days, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been all the rage among Internet users. AI might still be very controversial when it comes to its real-world application, but Disney fans, Youtubers, graphic designers, and TikTokers have been having a grand time playing with AI rendering tools to reimagine their favorite Disney characters. So far, we’ve seen some very surprising results when ...

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Disney Has Allegedly Stolen a Fan’s Artwork

disney art

It’s natural for a Disney fan to express their love of Disney through creative mediums, just for fun — but when Canadian artist Andrew Martin designed and made a fan art sculpture of a Tiki drummer from the Disney World Enchanted Tiki Room, the original artist was shocked to find a disturbingly similar sculpture for sale at Disney stores!   ...

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