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Crack Downs On Disney Resellers to Increase

Disney Mickey Mouse

Fans have decided that they’ve had enough of third-party vendors reselling Disney merchandise and are looking into reporting them to Disney. Let it never be said that Disney fans are not loyal! Recently, fans debated how they would contribute to Disney’s efforts to preserve their product integrity and authenticity by reporting resellers to the company. In response to the surge ...

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Fans Have Hilarious Suggestions To Plan a Magic Kingdom Day for “Someone You Hate”

Disney Ride Manufacturer Files for Bankruptcy.

Disney fans are an amusing community; recently, they lived up to that reputation. Any Disney Fanatic knows what it means to love the Disney Parks unabashedly. Whether that’s one like Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World Resort, or Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort, many Disney fans have the ultimate ...

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Old Disney Watch In Late Father’s Possessions Demonstrates EXACTLY Why Disney Succeeded

disneyland watch success

Recently, a fan shared a photo of an old Disney watch that belonged to their late father, and it perfectly encapsulates Disney’s longevity and success. The Disney experience is well regarded to be one of the most inclusive ones out there. From movies that tell stories from across the globe as well as theme parks that cater to a wide ...

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Fan Who Grew Up In An “Abusive Family” Laments “Impossibility” of Disney Vacation

disneyland expensive fans priced out

A guest who comes from a difficult family background explained how they would never likely make it to Disneyland. All Disney fans are well aware of how difficult it’s become for some families to afford a Disney vacation. The prices of Disney Park vacations are notoriously high and many have expressed time and again how challenging it is to afford ...

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Some Believe Josh D’Amaro “Failed In His Duties,” Do You?

disney world issues josh d'amaro

Some fans are thoroughly unimpressed with Disney Parks chairman Josh D’Amaro and his performance in his role as the man in charge of the parks. The push and pull between Disney’s corporate identity and its foremost aim of being an entertainment powerhouse is age-old. Often, fans disagree with choices that the Walt Disney Company makes or statements by its senior ...

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Dear Santa: Disney Fans’ Christmas Wish List

Walt Disney With Santa. Disney Fans' Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa: It’s that time of year again. All the hopes and dreams of getting those things we didn’t get throughout the year turn to you. But as Disney fans, we’ll need a little extra help from you this year. We turn to you because all of our petitions and begging to Disney CEO Bob Iger have been ignored. So, ...

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Iger Keeps Taking From Fans, Now They Want To Cancel Disney

Fans want to cancel Disney Plus

Since his return, Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a pattern when it comes to earnings calls. He usually gives Disney fans something just before he takes even more away. For a while, it appeared that Iger was our personal Santa Claus. First, he brought back free parking at Walt Disney World Resorts, but that was more about sticking it ...

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