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You Need to Play this ‘Twisted’ Disney Mobile Game!

Disney Twisted Wonderland Video Game

The other day, I stumbled upon a Disney-themed mobile game called “Twisted Wonderland” in the app store, and I have to talk about it! With a font that clearly pays homage to the popular Disney Twisted book series–which give Disney animated classics a titular “twist” to their narratives–, I assumed on-sight it must have something to do with Disney villains. ...

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The 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World has Arrived in Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Fans of Disney Magic Kingdoms will be thrilled to learn about the new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary enhancements coming to this addicting mobile game! In Disney Magic Kingdoms, fans are able to build their own Disney-like theme park, with lots of ways to show individual creativity while keeping some classic Disney design elements in the virtual world. (If you’re ...

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