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Before Entering a Disney Park, Etiquette Class Required

castle cinderella magic kingdom shock

We’ve all encountered some rather unruly or disruptive Disney guests in our time at the theme parks. A Disney vacation should be filled with magic, a time to escape from the real world and enjoy time with family, friends, and Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, though, fellow guests can disrupt a Disney vacation, plunging a magic moment at the Walt Disney World ...

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Human Feces Reportedly Found in Disney World Ride Queue, Third Incident in a Day According to Cast Member

poop Disney ride queue

We get it. Waiting in line for a Disney ride can be an exercise in patience. Popular attractions often have wait times spanning ridiculous hours. However, when you have to go, you have to go. While Disney tries its best to accommodate its guests with bathrooms along the queue, some guests apparently are okay with resorting to a more primal ...

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Wife Discovers Husband’s Affair with Nanny on Splash Mountain

wife discovers affair on splash mountain

The Disney magic is a big part of many Disney Fanatics’ trips to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, but there is another factor for many coupled-up Disney fans: romance! Love is in the air for many couples on their Disney trips — even if those trips don’t involve a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding — and songs like “Can ...

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Disney Guests Accidentally Trespass During Bizarre Incident

disney guest behavior

Disney prides itself on its attention to detail, particularly within the Disney theme parks that can be found at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney resorts. However, even Disney is not perfect, and things do occasionally fall through the cracks in very awkward or humorous ways at Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and international Disney theme ...

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Disney World Has a Lot to Learn About Proper Guest Behavior

Tokyo Disney guest behavior

A recent discussion on social media has sparked an interesting debate about Disney World guests’ behavioral expectations and norms. Most vacationers will likely only visit a few Disney theme parks in their lifetime and often don’t get to see just how different the experience is based on the location. Disney World, in particular, has many people frustrated over selfish guest ...

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Youtubers Boast After Vaping in Disneyland, Challenging Security

disney guest behavior

Any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort guest has probably spotted at least one other theme park guest (be they children or Disney Adults) misbehaving and breaking rules in Disney theme parks like the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT. Sometimes, these misdemeanors are mild; sometimes, they are disturbingly violent and lead to arrests or lifetime bans for the ...

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Swimmers Invade Off-Limits Disney Lake for Dangerous Swim

disney swimming

Open water swimming, or swimming in any body of water, can be grounding and invigorating. However, swimming can also be dangerous, especially in bodies of water that are off-limits and do not have lifeguards. Danger’s No Stranger Here The danger only increases in states like Florida (where the bodies of water contain predators like alligators) or along coastlines (where the ...

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Alcohol-Loving Guests Take Drastic Measures After Disney Cuts Them Off

disney world alcohol

Alcoholic beverages can enhance a vacation (or a regular day, for that matter), but they can also be very dangerous when used excessively or used too often. Many adult Walt Disney World Resort Guests associate vacations with alcohol, and therefore seek out cocktails or other alcoholic beverages like beer while they are visiting the Disney Parks in Florida. One custom ...

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