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Little Mermaid Ride RUINED by Guest Behavior

Ariel, flounder, and sebastian from "the little mermaid" look surprised and concerned in an underwater scene filled with shipwreck treasures.

Walt Disney Imagineers are the masterminds behind thrilling twists and epic launches like the take-off on TRON Lightcycle / Run, but their stories set Disney attractions apart. The Haunted Mansion ride, a Walt Disney World staple since it opened, has a queue and pre-show that are attractions before guests even board the haunted Doom Buggy. Rise of the Resistance transports ...

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Disney Line Jumpers – Guest Brings Attention to Widespread Problem

An image of the entrance to the "Peter Pan's Flight" ride in an amusement park at night. The sign is illuminated, and the area is decorated with colorful lights. Animated characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are featured in the foreground, appearing playful. Beware of Disney line jumpers!

Resellers, or line jumpers? If you ask Disney Fanatics and Disney park fans which of these is worse,  you might be in for a long debate. Resellers are Disney guests who hoard merchandise from Disney stores and sell the products online at extremely high markups, while line jumpers are essentially people who cut in line while waiting their turn for ...

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Sick Guests Are Ruining Trips to Walt Disney World

disgust, magic kingdom

Walt Disney World in Florida, often hailed as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” has long been one of the most crowded vacation destinations. Because of its appeal, many people find themselves interacting with all sorts of visitors with different backgrounds, opinions, and…illnesses.Recent incidents suggest that not all guests are committed to maintaining the atmosphere of courtesy and consideration that ...

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Disney World Has a Lot to Learn About Proper Guest Behavior

Tokyo Disney guest behavior

A recent discussion on social media has sparked an interesting debate about Disney World guests’ behavioral expectations and norms. Most vacationers will likely only visit a few Disney theme parks in their lifetime and often don’t get to see just how different the experience is based on the location. Disney World, in particular, has many people frustrated over selfish guest ...

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Another Entitled Guest Climbs Onto a Disney Parade Float

Disneyland Paris parade

One Disney guest went too far during their visit to the theme parks… When you visit a Disney resort, there are so many things that guests can do to make their days magical. Disney parks are so much more than just incredible rides. The parks — no matter where they are around the world — are full of delicious food, ...

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Guests Continue to Sexually Harass Disney Princess Characters

Sleeping Beauty shocked with censored tag

It will, unfortunately, be no surprise to Disney Fanatics to hear that Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and international Disney Resort guests are having a really hard time behaving in a civilized manner. Fistfights, cast member harassment, and reselling have all been enormous problems in Disney parks as of late. We’ve even seen celebrities sexually harassing Disney performers in ...

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Disney Expert Gives Guests Permission To Engage in the Most Annoying Disney Behavior

Haunted Tour HH Ghosts

Going on a trip to Walt Disney World is a personal experience that most people share with a few friends or family members, but every Disney World trip has a communal aspect. We all share spaces and experiences with complete strangers, and sometimes Disney fans have great conversations or moments with someone they’ve never met before. However, in that communal ...

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Another Guest Jumps Off Vehicle During Disney Ride

Ariel, flounder, and sebastian from "the little mermaid" look surprised and concerned in an underwater scene filled with shipwreck treasures.

Another day, another Disney guest report… It will be no surprise to some Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Resort guests to learn that many Disney Par k and Disney Resort guests have been misbehaving on an unprecedented level in recent months — so much so that there was actually a documentary made to analyze the plethora ...

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