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Disney Park Adjusts Early Access Privileges for Select Guests

Disney Park Guests

If you plan on visiting one particular Disney World park, you might want to plan if you fall into this category, as select guests are now told something different when accessing early park entry. Read this next: Disney Replaces “Woke” ‘Snow White’, Brings Back Classic Disney World Park Now Changing Early Park Entry for Select Guests According to multiple reports ...

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Disney World Maintenance Truck Plows Into Guests

Epcot Parking Lot Accident

One guest ended her Sunday at EPCOT with a jolt when a maintenance truck plowed into her car. Three car cameras captured the accident, showing that the Walt Disney World Resort cast member vehicle never stopped as it rolled into traffic. Walt Disney World Resort is infamous for its extensive parking areas. The entirety of Disneyland Resort could fit into ...

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“Stop, Stop!”, Disney Cast Member Goes Rogue in Front of Guests

Animal Kingdom Mickey and Minnie

More than 70,000 Disney cast members keep The Most Magical Place on Earth running. From entertainment to security, housekeeping to parking, each department brings something uniquely necessary to Walt Disney World Resort. And while most employees generally enjoy being part of the magic, not even Disney Parks can entirely eliminate cast member conflict. On Monday, a Disney’s Animal Kingdom guest ...

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Former Cast Member Returns to Disney World as a Spy

Disney World Vintage Main Street

A former Walt Disney World Resort employee recently returned to the Disney park as a guest. Though it is not unusual for Central Floridians to have Annual Passes, the ex-employee’s behavior is negatively impacting the Disney cast members they once worked with. Frustrated Disney cast member and Reddit user u/Acceptable-Mood-1509 sought advice online after repeated harassment from the former Walt ...

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Fire Set Ablaze Below Disney Skyliner, Explosion Risk

Disney World Skyliner Bush Fire

On Wednesday evening, Walt Disney World Resort guests riding the Disney Skyliner dangled just feet above a blazing fire. A witness recorded the blaze from a safe distance and shared footage on social media. The fire ignited in a bushy area on EPCOT Resorts Blvd., according to Citizen user @Sips_tea. It burned just feet from the Speedway gas station on ...

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Disney Guests Reportedly Falsely Accused and Reprimanded for “Mistreating” Cast Member

disneyland guest cast member

A Disneyland guest took to social media to share the frustrating tale of being falsely accused of mistreating a cast member. Cast members are the heart and soul of the Disney experience. Any Disney Fanatic can attest to that truth. From donning the faces of our favorite characters to making magic for guests every day, cast members are the reason ...

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Please Stop Doing This on Disney Dark Rides

wheelchair doll small world ride

What’s the one guest behavior that irritates you the most? Is it getting too drunk at EPCOT? Maybe being rude to Cast Members, wearing inappropriate clothing, or stepping out of ride vehicles? Well, on dark rides at Disney theme parks, there’s one guest behavior that is frustrating, disruptive, and can affect safety. Related: Disney World Guests Shocked at Absolutely “Disgusting ...

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A Disturbing Trend: Disney Guests Share the Parks With Hallucinating Visitors

Drugs at Disney World

WARNING: The following article contains content that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised.  Disney World is often referred to as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” providing families with unforgettable memories and magical experiences. However, sometimes, guests choose to enhance that magic by taking substances that have a variety of effects on their brain chemistry. ...

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Aggressor in Viral Disney World Line Fight Issues Statement

Disneyland line fight apology update

One of the guests involved in a fight over line-cutting in EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort that went viral online has spoken out. The confrontation began after a group of young adults allegedly pushed in front of hundreds of guests waiting for Soarin’ Over California, claiming their family was further ahead. Other guests called them out and began filming ...

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Before Entering a Disney Park, Etiquette Class Required

castle cinderella magic kingdom shock

We’ve all encountered some rather unruly or disruptive Disney guests in our time at the theme parks. A Disney vacation should be filled with magic, a time to escape from the real world and enjoy time with family, friends, and Mickey Mouse. Sometimes, though, fellow guests can disrupt a Disney vacation, plunging a magic moment at the Walt Disney World ...

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