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Disney Celebrity Personally Explains Her Arrest

Abigail Disney

Disney heiress Abigail Disney (the great-niece of Walt Disney, the creator of the Walt Disney Company) was recently arrested during a protest focused on the damage that private airplanes wreak on the climate. Now, the Disney celebrity is sharing her take on the arrest and the protest in an op-ed from The Guardian! Disney (who relinquished a large portion of her ...

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“People Call Me a Traitor All the Time”: Disney Heiress Spills Secrets

abigail disney documentary

It’s no secret that the Walt Disney Company has been embroiled in multiple controversies surrounding how it pays its Cast Members and the kind of work environments that most Disney Cast Members function within. However, from within the Disney community, there has been one voice constantly fighting for Cast Members and standing up for Disney Cast Members being paid better ...

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