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Travel Writer Bashes Disney Restaurant After “Disappointing” Experience

teppan edo chef and hibachi

Some of the Disney restaurants in the EPCOT Disney Park are known as purveyors of fantastic international cuisine. However, according to travel writer Jennifer Greene, one EPCOT restaurant in the Japan pavilion of the Walt Disney World Resort World Showcase is most definitely not worth the hype! Teppan Edo is a hibachi restaurant that can be found in the Japan pavilion ...

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You Need to Play this ‘Twisted’ Disney Mobile Game!

Disney Twisted Wonderland Video Game

The other day, I stumbled upon a Disney-themed mobile game called “Twisted Wonderland” in the app store, and I have to talk about it! With a font that clearly pays homage to the popular Disney Twisted book series–which give Disney animated classics a titular “twist” to their narratives–, I assumed on-sight it must have something to do with Disney villains. ...

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