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Fans Mock Disney After Embarrassing Marketing Error


A short-lived but charming Disney show has left the Animal Kingdom recently — but it seems that not all of the Walt Disney World Resort staff received the memo! Advertisements for the Animal Kingdom show called KiteTails are reportedly circulating on the Internet, even though the show has already had its final performance in the midst of Hurricane Ian. Take ...

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Hurricane Ian Forces Disney to Cancel Show’s Final Performance


Even though Walt Disney World Resort is reopening — or, at least, carrying on with a “phased reopening” — tomorrow after being closed due to Hurricane Ian, one of its shows has just quietly and unknowingly had its final performance. KiteTails was meant to end its run as an exclusive Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary show with some fanfare on ...

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KiteTails at Disney World Coming to an End This Month


Disney recently announced that the controversial Animal Kingdom Park attraction KiteTails would be coming to an end soon. The Walt Disney World Resort is filled with some of the most magical and incredible attractions, from the Haunted Mansion to the “Festival of Fantasy,” that all make up the Disney experience. But while fans flock to Disney World for some rides, ...

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Is Disney World Canceling This Animal Kingdom Show?

Disney Kite Show

It appears that one of Disney World’s daytime shows is coming to an end. Disney KiteTails is a show that is just as it sounds: a series of synchronized kites designed in the likeness of some of Disney’s most beloved animal characters flown in the air around the Discovery River Amphitheater. It was created specifically for Disney’s Animal Kingdom in ...

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Disney KiteTails Cut Short Today Due to Rough Kite Landings & Overturned Jet Skis

Disney KiteTails

Disney KiteTails is the newest show to arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with previews currently taking place and its official opening tomorrow during the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. The show features kites and windcatchers designed after favorite Disney characters in a high-flying performance above the Discovery River Theater. Fans on social media were quick to point ...

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