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Disney Begins Latest Round of Layoffs

Disney Begins Latest Round of Layoffs

Morale must be incredibly low at the Walt Disney Company’s media divisions. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced this month that Disney+ lost more than four million subscribers, and ad revenue at Disney’s network, including ABC and ESPN, dropped 35 percent so far this year as more consumers cut the cable cord. Disney’s media division has suffered through two rounds of ...

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‘Frozen,’ ‘Zootopia,’ and ‘Toy Story’ Sequels Not Enough to Save Disney Kids and Animation Divisions

disney kids animation layoffs

It’s a somber time at the Walt Disney Company offices. As has been covered extensively since its announcement and onset, the company has been going through major layoffs. On February 8, 2023, during the earnings call for the first quarter of the Financial Year 2023, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the company was going to be undergoing a significant ...

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“There Is A Sense Of Foreboding”: Disney Layoffs to Resume Soon

second round disney layoffs

The subject of the Disney layoffs has dominated all recent conversations and headlines about the company—save for the news of the feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—following the announcement made during the February 8 earnings call. During this call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed plans for a significant restructuring of the Walt Disney Company, leaving many in the community stunned ...

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7000 Layoffs Later, Disney World to Hire 13,000 Cast Members

disney world layoffs cast members

The Disney layoffs have taken center stage when it comes to Disney news since the announcement during the February 8 earnings call. When Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the Walt Disney Company was going to be making significant changes with a notable restructuring of the company, the community at large was shocked by the magnitude of what this meant. ...

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Disney Cuts Hundreds of Jobs in China

Disney Layoffs China

The Walt Disney Company is not limiting its job-cutting measures to its employees in the United States. Related: Multiple Executives Lose Jobs as Layoffs Begin at Disney The latest round of layoffs appears to come from China, where over 300 Beijing-based employees connected to Disney’s streaming services were laid off. According to The Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter said ...

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State Reps Worried Disney Layoffs Will Stress Florida’s Unemployment Resources

disney layoffs florida unemployment

The Disney layoffs have been the talk of the town since they were announced in February of this year. During the February 8 earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the Walt Disney Company would be implementing substantial staff reductions, estimated to affect approximately 7,000 employees. The scale of these layoffs has provoked some criticism, with certain parties mocking ...

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Satirical Article Mocks Iger’s Extreme Layoffs

snow white and a dwarf looking shocked

According to the website called Babylon Bee, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger has gone too far with his extensive layoffs within the Walt Disney Company. The layoffs have recently started, and in a brand-new satirical article, Babylon Bee has teasingly said that “heavy layoffs at Disney have now left Snow White with only three dwarfs in her entourage.” The satirical article mockingly declared ...

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Chapek-Era Division Eliminated: Disney Begins Mass Layoffs

disney metaverse division cuts

7000-person layoffs are a shocking enough sentiment on their own. But it seems that the Walt Disney Company is taking this task to heart as, in the latest news, the Mouse House is reportedly eliminating an entire division of the company under the initiative. Since the layoffs were first announced during the February 8 earnings call, this news has taken ...

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