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Satire Site Trolls ‘Woke Casting’ Outrage with Disney Live-Action Remakes

Disney Live-Action Remakes

Whether they believe it is for the better or worse, most Fanatics can agree that Disney has been particular and arguably intentional with its casting of beloved and established characters in the live-action remakes of its animated classics. Most significantly, the powers that be have intentionally race-swapped two previously-established white Disney princesses by casting Rachel Zegler, a Latina, as Snow ...

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OpEd: Why Disney on Broadway is Better Than Live-Action Remakes

Disney Remakes

As Disney continues to give its animated classics the “Live-Action” treatment, I can’t help but feel like the new stuff doesn’t compare at all to the award-winning stage productions that came before it. Since its first production, Beauty and the Beast, opened, Disney on Broadway has been a staple of the Great White Way for decades and have–in my opinion–truly done ...

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