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Report Predicts Disney Will Venture Into the Metaverse

walt disney company metaverse

As the Walt Disney Company turns 100 this year, a new report predicts its success will hinge on its play within the metaverse. The Walt Disney Company has had a rough few years. With the pandemic causing the world, and Disney Parks to shut their doors and consequently reopen to a host of issues, it hasn’t been the smoothest of ...

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Competitor Cruise Line Beats Disney (Chapek) Into the Metaverse

Celebrity Metaverse

Well, it appears that Bob Chapek’s dreams of a vacation-based metaverse are coming to fruition. The only problem is that it is not being done by Disney. Disney Cruise Line competitor Celebrity Cruises has taken the first steps into the metaverse by making their newest ship, the Celebrity Beyond, available to experience virtually through the metaverse. Offering aspects of the ...

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Chapek’s Metaverse Plans Will Inflate Basic Disney Park Visits Into Premium Experiences

Bob Chapek Disney Metaverse

At the time of this article’s publication, it is still necessary to physically be inside a Disney Theme Park in order to get the baseline Disney Theme Park experience. But it looks like Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, wants to stop that in the near future via his “Next-Generation Storytelling” initiative. Since its inception, and, really, since the adoption of the ...

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