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Disney Honors Johnny Depp After ‘Pirates’ Firing

Alice-in wonderland-movie-and-tarrant-hightopp

The Walt Disney Company publicly acknowledged its history with actor, director, and musician Johnny Depp in a traveling exhibition despite firing him from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) star lost public favor after a United Kingdom judge found it not libelous for newspapers to refer to him as a “wife beater” in 2021. Depp’s ...

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The Best Disney Movies to Watch When You’re Sick

Image of two kids taking medicine

It’s unavoidable. Somehow you’ve got a runny and congested nose at the same time, your head is foggy and aching, maybe you’re even running a fever, or your stomach is struggling. You’re sick. Or even worse, your child is sick. Or even worse still, you’re BOTH sick. And miserable. And being big babies about it. Well don’t worry, we get ...

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Disney Princess Movies: Highest-Ranked to Lowest

Disney Princesses

When it comes to Disney Princess movies, there are a plethora of enchanting tales that have captured the hearts of audiences, young and old. From timeless classics to more recent additions, these films have become a significant part of Walt Disney Animation Studio’s legacy. Everyone Has a Favorite, but Which Is the Best? In this article, we will take a ...

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Big Blockbuster Bombshell Dropped Regarding Johnny Depp’s Replacement

Timothee Chalameta and Johnny Depp staring on the background behind him

Major news has dropped this weekend regarding the future of a major franchise starring Johnny Depp’s replacement. Actor Johnny Depp was once the crown jewel of Hollywood. With success beginning in the 1980s and ramping up throughout the 1990s, Johnny Depp took Hollywood by storm when he appeared as the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in The Walt Disney Company’s Pirates ...

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Fans Shocked by Zac Efron’s Appearance in Recent Interview

Zac Efron's new look

Zac Efron, the beloved former Disney star, has recently undergone a significant physical transformation that has left fans in shock. In a shocking accident revealed in 2022, Zac shattered his jaw when he inadvertently collided with a granite fountain. The result: an altered appearance that has rendered him slightly unrecognizable to his adoring fanbase. Social media platforms have been flooded ...

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Bob Iger Admits Disney “Lost Focus” in Its Movies

iger admits Disney lost focus

For a long time, The Walt Disney Company was not known for its theme parks, but for the incredible films that it made. Walt Disney and his team of animators changed the film industry with the 1937 release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. From there, it created some of the most memorable animated films of all time, including Sleeping ...

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Is a Karoll and Luna Disney Pug Movie Really Being Made?

Karoll and Luna Disney

The Walt Disney Company has strived hard to have more diverse casting in its films, but this has not extended to the animal world. Disney has long featured typical popular dog breeds over the course of its existence but rarely ever featured everyone’s favorite pugs in any meaningful spotlight. However, a Karoll and Luna Disney movie poster has started appearing ...

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Is a Disney ‘The Red Comet’ Movie Based on the Gundam Franchise Really Being Made?

Disney The Red Comet

The Gundam franchise from Japan is well known at this point. It first premiered in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam and has since become a massive and influential mecha anime franchise. For this reason, there is no doubt rumors of a Disney “The Red Comet” movie by Pixar would generate much interest. The name given to the character Char Aznable ...

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Is a Live-Action Remake of ‘Pocahontas’ on the Table?

pocahontas live action remake

Recently, a fan shared a petition for Disney to make a live-action Pocahontas film starring Dwayne Johnson and Sofia Crnilovic among a larger cast, and it had us speculating about the possibility of a Pocahontas remake. Disney’s live-action remakes have been making headlines for months now. From the frustration that many fans have had with the arguable lack of creativity and constant ...

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