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Disney Officially Bans ‚ÄėBeauty and the Beast‚Äô Music, Removed From the Public

Belle and Gaston

Beauty and the Beast (1991) fans might have to work a little harder to hear its iconic songs after a voice actor revealed that Walt Disney Animation Studios banned the music publicly. A tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast is considered part of the Disney Renaissance alongside The Little Mermaid (1989), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994), and more. After a few rocky decades, ...

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Op-Ed: Here’s Why Rachel Zegler SHOULD Play Snow White

snow white gasping, rachel zegler as lucy gray bowing and smirking

The decision to cast Rachel Zegler as Snow White (Walt Disney’s first-ever princess) has resulted in a tumultuous debate, but here’s what we think… It’s hard to say which topic is more controversial in the minds of Disney Fanatics: the replacement of Splash Mountain with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, or the casting of¬†West Side Story¬†actress Rachel Zegler in the role of ...

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‘Make-A-Wish’ Teenager Stuns Audience with Disney World Performance

disney make a wish singer royal ball

There’s no shortage of Disney magic these days (even if it doesn’t always feel like that for guests on their Disney vacations), but the Disney Parks Blog has just shared a particularly heartwarming story about a young woman who has participated in the Make-A-Wish Foundation program! Magical Multitasking Disney World recently hosted “the largest wish-granting event ever held at Walt ...

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Patient Sings ‘Moana’ Songs During Brain Surgery

moana songs brain surgery patient

Disney princesses, Disney stories, and Disney music have all helped people through difficult times in their lives on many occasions — but one woman’s recent experience with the Disney music from the Disney princess¬†movie¬†Moana¬†(2016) really took the cake! New Jersey native Krystina Vied recently went through a brain surgery that required her to be awake for the procedure. According to ...

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Disney Fans Lash Out After Seeing Controversial “Greatest” Song Rankings

mulan and tarzan glare at bruno

Billboard has released an updated version of its “Greatest of All Time Disney Songs Chart,” and many Disney fans will probably not be happy! The Billboard song chart lists do often change, adjusting to suit what listeners are actually listening to the most, but one of Billboard’s most recent new lists –featuring 100 of Disney’s “greatest” songs — has Disney ...

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Hawaiian ‘American Idol’ Contestant Leaves Audience Enthralled After Disney Performance

moana smiles at iam tongi

The Disney magic might not always seem like it is alive and well these days — but one Hawaiian singer has just brought back the Disney (and Marvel) magic for audiences on the popular¬†American Idol¬†competition show!¬† On the show’s “Disney Night,” which has become an American Idol¬†tradition, the contestant named Iam Tongi sang a stunning rendition of a highly-underappreciated song ...

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Mulan Appears Unexpectedly During Royal Coronation

king charles and camilla being smiled at by mulan

 The British royal family (which includes some Disney fans with very expensive tastes) has just undergone a huge change as Charles III becomes king and his wife Camilla becomes the queen consort after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Part of the King Charles III coronation celebrations involved a star-studded concert that featured singers like Lionel Richie and Katy Perry ...

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Disney PRIDE Concert Is Announced as The DeSantis “Feud” Continues

desantis glares at disney pride in concert logo

According to a local news station, there is a very special event coming soon for Seattle residents (and Disney fans who can get themselves to Seattle, Washington)! The Seattle Men’s Chorus has started rehearsals for a truly spectacular “Disney PRIDE In Concert” event. Audience members can enjoy more than 40 classic Disney songs from movies like The Little Mermaid (1989), ...

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Groundbreaking New ‘Disney Princess’ Event Is Announced

the animated heroine from julia riew's LG commercial in korea

Fans of musical theater and Disney princesses may recognize the name Julia Riew, even if they don’t exactly remember why. Disney princesses are known for being naturally-beautiful heroines who love a good power ballad or “I Want” song — even though there is apparently at least one crucial gap in the Disney princess lineup — and Julia Riew essentially created ...

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Cops Play ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ at Crime Scene to Counter YouTubers

Cops playing Disney Music

It is no secret that The Walt Disney Company is very protective over its IPs–especially when someone else is making money off of them. Earlier this week, for example, we shared a story about one TikTok user being sued by Disney over his Lightning McQueen-themed Subaru BRZ. Disney’s active copyright enforcement is often antagonized as an inhibiting force–especially on YouTube. ...

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