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LA Gangs Not Happy, Threaten Disneyland

LA Gangs Threaten Disneyland

There are several things that make Disneyland Resort very different from its Florida counterpart, Walt Disney World. For one, churros are life in Disneyland, and they are just mere snacks in Disney World. Every year, Disneyland guests are treated to a lot of different kinds of churros for any and every occasion. On the other hand, Walt Disney World typically ...

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Disney Cast Member Who Suffered Life-Threatening Injury Has Great News & Is Reaching Out to Her Fans in Gratitude

Stacia Olson Disney On Ice

A Disney cast member who suffered a devastating fall earlier this month is an inspiration as she recovers from a life-threatening accident that took place during a performance earlier this month. Though most of the general public had never heard of her before mid-February this year, Disney cast member Anastasia Olson has been bringing people together–Disney fans and non-fans alike–and ...

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Guest Left Distraught After Brazen EPCOT Robbery

Epcot pick pocket theft

When guests visit the Walt Disney World Resort, they feel like they are stepping into a magical world where nothing can go wrong. And Disney cast members and security work very hard to keep that feeling alive. Unfortunately, there are people who visit Disney World without the best intentions. And one guest recently found that out the hard way. Instagram ...

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Staying Inclusive, “Woke” Culture Has Claimed Many Lives at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Woke Culture Rides Shutdown

The last few years have seen a surge of change that has been challenging and dividing in the United States. Many of these changes surround controversial topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual education. Weirdly enough, the Walt Disney Company has somehow found a way to center itself right in the middle of a culture shift that has ...

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Disney Officially Removes Pronouns, Inclusivity Mission Underway

Joy, Sadness, and Merida at Disney Park among crowd of Guests

Disney has been moving in a more inclusive direction for quite some time, specifically with their greetings and how they address guests. Now, The Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland is following suit, removing the “ladies and gentlemen” remark from their welcome speech. For those who may have never been to Tokyo Disneyland and are not used to the phrasing “ladies ...

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Critical Condition: Disney Performer Struggles to Recover After On-Stage Trauma

Belle performer injured on Disney on Ice

WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.  A Disney cast member who suffered a devastating fall during a live performance inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991) over the weekend is reportedly “fighting for her life.” On Saturday, 31-year-old Anastasia Olsen, a professional ice skater who portrays Belle in ...

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New Disney Ride Under Fire for Controversial and “Grim” Ride Queue

Disney Ride Cancelled

What was Disney thinking?! Disney, a renowned entertainment company, has earned both praise and criticism for its rides throughout the years. Whether it be the lyrics in the Country Bear Jamboree or Splash Mountain’s source material, Disney has had to face the fact that many of the resort’s older attractions have not aged to today’s social standards. However, it’s not ...

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Disney Guests Demand Changes to Problematic Mickey Ears

Disney Cancelled

Of all the iconic pieces of Disney merchandise, one item stands above the rest: Mickey and Minnie Ears. A Mickey and Minnie headband is the ultimate Disney Park accessory. These adorable headbands are loved by Disney fans due to their style and the variety of options that are offered. Hundreds, if not thousands, of different kinds of Mickey’s ears exist. ...

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