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Disney World Annual Passholders’ Park Pass Reservation Requirements Officially Changed

annual passholder park pass reservation

It’s been a long time coming since Disney restored perks and systems that gave Passholders certain benefits over regular ticket holders. On January 10, 2023, Disney made significant announcements that thrilled Disney Fanatics, especially those planning to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. One of the exciting updates included introducing a free Photopass service available through the Disney Genie suite (a ...

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Disney World Annual Passholders Free From Park Reservations (Kinda)


Annual Passholders (i.e. Walt Disney World Resort enthusiasts who buy Annual Passes and receive special status) or Magic Key Holders (i.e. Disneyland Resort enthusiasts who enjoy a similar special status) have not been especially pleased with the Walt Disney Company lately. Regular Disney Guests have not been pleased overall, either, but Disney has just announced something that will sweeten the ...

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Bob Iger Might Be Removing the Park Pass

disney park pass removal

A recent report speculates that with Bob Iger’s return, the controversial Disney Park Pass system might see its end for regular Guests. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are some of the best places in the world to have a Disney vacation. Whether you visit a Disney Park like Magic Kingdom or Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt ...

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Clarification: Disney World Park Pass Update Does Not Include Hotel Guests

Disney World Park Pass Updates

Earlier today, we at Disney Fanatic shared some exciting news regarding changes being made to the Walt Disney World Resort’s Theme Park Reservation System. Now, it appears that all Theme Park Ticket Holders and Annual Passholders who want to take advantage of the new flexibility need to keep their Theme Park Reservations separate from their hotel reservations. According to Theme ...

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Confirmed: Disney World Makes Changes to Park Pass System

Disney World Park Reservations

On Tuesday, August 23, the Walt Disney World Resort implemented changes to its Theme Park Reservation system that appear, at least to this reporter, to improve the overall Guest experience. As of Today, August 23, would-be Disney World Guests can finally modify their Park Pass reservation selection without first having to cancel their current selection. This allows for a more ...

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Park Pass Update: EPCOT Booked for Cinco de Mayo

Disney Park Passes

It is the second day and the first Monday of the month. But it already appears that Disney World’s Park Passes are completely filling up with two of the Theme Parks already booked for almost 2/3 of May. According to Disney World’s Park Pass Availability Calendar, four days are already completely booked for Theme Park Ticket Holders and Select Resort ...

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Disney World Reservation Update: What’s Left for This Weekend

Disney World Park Reservations

It is Friday. Another long week of work is winding down, and there is arguably no other time during the week–except maybe Monday morning–that gives you the urge to run away to Walt Disney World for a few days. Well, for those of you planning to cave to that temptation, here is what is left of the Theme Park Reservations ...

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Magic Kingdom Park Passes Completely Booked For Next 3 Days

Disney World Park Passes

If you are looking to visit the Magic Kingdom this week, this reporter hopes you are either an Annual Passholder or already have your Park Reservations. According to the Walt Disney World Resort website, Magic Kingdom Park is completely booked for Theme Park Ticket Holders and Select Resort Hotel Guests from now, March 1 through Friday, March 5. Check it ...

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Spring Break Update: Disney Park Reservations Already Selling Out!

Disney World Spring Break

It appears that some proactive Disney Fanatics are already planning their Spring Break Vacation as two days in March are already showing at least one Park completely booked up. According to the Disney World Website, Theme Parks are already booked up for Monday, March 14, and Tuesday, March 15 for Theme Park Ticket Holders and Select Resort Hotel Guests. On ...

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