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Disney/Pixar’s New Theatrical Release Flops at Box Office

Disney Pixar movies coming to theaters

The Hollywood strikes of 2023 significantly impacted movie theaters and studios. To help combat that, Walt Disney Studios has decided to re-release some its films that were direct to Disney+ because of the pandemic. Related: Theaters Show Never Before Released Disney/Pixar Movies Disney/Pixar Movies Returning to Theaters These movies, which never enjoyed a theatrical release, include Soul (2020), Turning Red (2022), ...

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Yet Another Sequel is in the Works at Pixar, Despite the Studio’s Promise to Fans

Cars 4 Pixar

Just months before Inside Out 2 (2024) is slated for a theatrical release, Pixar Animation Studios is beginning work on yet another sequel, despite the fact that the studio promised fans that Toy Story 4 (2019) would be its last sequel for a while. Pixar’s Broken Promise Pixar’s most lucrative film to date, Incredibles 2, was released in June 2018, and ...

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Disney Pixar’s New Harry Potter Movie

Disney Pixar Harry Potter

The Walt Disney Company has had some recent problems at the box office. Over the past few years, many movies have failed to turn a profit for the massive studio and its subsidiaries. Related: Disney World and Disneyland Will Suffer Because of ‘The Marvels’ Disney Box Office The trend seems to have begun with Lightyear (2022) and continued with films such ...

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Against All Odds, Pixar’s ‘Elemental’ Just Did Something Miraculous

Pixar's Elemental Box Office

Pixar’s Elemental is never going to be a success story. However, that doesn’t stop it from slowly chugging along at the domestic box office. The latest film in Pixar’s long list of original titles hasn’t done anything to wow anyone since its release last month, but it did recently break a milestone no one thought possible. Elemental has been fighting ...

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Is Disney Helplessly Out of Touch With Its Post-Pandemic Audience?

Disney out of touch

The Disney name was once unanimously equated to success. It was the pinnacle model of how to run a business right. Companies used to utilize Disney’s methods to teach their employees how to be prosperous. In fact, almost everything the entertainment giant touched turned to gold. This certainly seems to have hit a wall in the post-pandemic world. Disney is ...

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Disney ‘Has a Lot of Problems.’ Rival Exec. Says the Quiet Part Out Loud

Rival exec critical of Disney

The Walt Disney Company is struggling right now. Over the course of the past year, Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films have lost more than $1 billion combined. Disney has been desperate for a hit, and while The Little Mermaid (2023) had solid returns, Disney’s other releases have fallen flat. The latest is Pixar’s Elemental (2023), which had the second-worst opening weekend for ...

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Another Box Office Flop for Disney?

ember and wade in elemental

The Walt Disney Company has been charting rough waters recently. Whether it comes to the Disney vs. DeSantis feud, the recent reports that state that the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort have been unusually empty, or even Universal’s edge over Disney despite Magic Kingdom Park’s recent win, things have been tough for the Mouse House. When it comes ...

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First Look: Disney Launches Trailer for New Pixar Film Debuting Spring 2024


Disney loves an unlikely hero. From the misfit turned cop, Judy Hopps, to the undercover solider, Mulan, to the scrawny villager turned God, Hercules, Disney’s iconic films typically feature a hero who started as a zero. With upcoming Pixar projects like Elemental lighting up theaters this Friday, June 16, and Wish debuting on November 22, Disney unveiled an out-of-this-world addition ...

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Iger Was So Angry About ‘Lightyear’ He Fired the Execs Behind It

Lightyear Team Fired at Pixar

When you make one of the most disappointing movies of the year, heads are bound to roll. But before this week, Pixar Studios was mostly spared from Disney CEO Bob Iger’s 7,500 job cuts across the Walt Disney Company. Most of those cuts came from the television and movie departments at Disney. But now, the cuts have come to Pixar ...

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